Jude Kimosi  The Incoming Rnb Musician On A Meteoric Rise.

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As the Kenyan music industry grows it is creating space for ambitious yet talented musicians to thrive in one of the singers to capitalize on this growth is RnB singer Jude Kimosi who is captivating his fans with each release.

Venturing out into the professional music journey over a year ago Jude Kimosi has been taking & making  Goliath steps in his music career serving his always-hungry fans with tasteful music which is mostly centered on love, and relationships, break-up songs, etc.

His rise can also be credited to the fact that apart from his melodic voice his storytelling mastery is one to be envied which makes it easy for his adherent fans to keep up with and get the borderline message.

Jude’s latest singles are namely Siwezi Sahau / I’ll Never Forget You, a somber breakup song featuring rapper Yoh G 254  the tune follows the two singers as they recall how they lost lovers to the world and how they wish they could undo the happenings that led to the split.

Kimosi’s latest song  Sijaona translates to IV never witnessed in Swahili is a love song in which Jude appreciates his better half for being true and committed to their engagement a rare trait in he is yet to see in another girl.

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7 months ago

Good music

Mutiso Raphael
Mutiso Raphael
7 months ago

Hard work pays keep pressing on.

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