Kenyan Rising Star Kuiyu Honors Late Mother With Collaborative Emotional Afro House Single ‘DÚKAMAKE’ With Congolese Producer Nach Mao.

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Kenyan artist and rising star in the East African music scene Kuiyu, releases his latest single, “DÚKAMAKE”. The track is a heartfelt tribute to Kuiyu’s late mother, sung in Kikuyu, his native tongue. With “DÚKAMAKE”, Kuiyu is introducing a fresh take on Afro house, blending soul-stirring incantations that float spirits skyward while the steady and reassuring Afro house backdrop is there to ground through a familiar rhythm and modern electronic sound. Nach Mao, a Congolese producer and DJ based in Uganda, provides the atmospheric and emotive backdrop for Kuiyu’s poignant vocals.

“DÚKAMAKE” is an emotional journey that touches on grief, loss, and hope, bringing comfort and reassurance to the listeners. The song is a conversation between the living and the dead, bridging the gap between this world and the afterlife. The song bids farewell and offers words of encouragement to a soul embarking on its afterlife journey. With “DÚKAMAKE”, Kuiyu cements his position as one of the most exciting artists in the African music scene who is able to cross genre boundaries through his fusioniSTAR approach to the sonic experience. .

“Making this song was a healing experience for me,” says Kuiyu. “It allowed me to confront my grief and express my emotions in a way that felt meaningful and cathartic. I am also excited to showcase my Afro house sound side in this release, which I hope will appeal to a wider audience.”

Despite its themes of darkness and sorrow, “DÚKAMAKE” is ultimately a song of comfort and reassurance, with the singer expressing his belief that everything will be alright. Kuiyu’s powerful and moving new release proves him to be a talent to watch in the African music scene.

Kuiyu’s latest single, “DÚKAMAKE,” is now available on all major music platforms. Be sure to add this emotional and fresh take on Afro house to your playlist and share it with your friends!

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