Kenyan Songstress Afigy Drops ‘Niko Tayari Remix’ Featuring Various Artists.

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Fast-rising Kenyan songstress Afigy known for her charming love songs drops Niko Tayari Remix unexpectedly featuring Adasa, Benhym Marley, Keemlyf, and Tallie.

She is quite known for Zouk as her style of music, and with every song she does, you must feel a French touch, French lyrics, polished lyrics, classy videos and most of all the music is great.

How did this remix come about?

“Niko Tayari Remix was so random and fun to make. It’s a long story how each of these artists got featured. I love them and respect their art. Adasa with the vocals added a melodious flavor, I keep singing her parts like it’s mine. Benhym Marley is one chilled rapper with an amazing flow, I had to have him in the remix, look how good he delivered. Keemlyf, ‘huyo alituosha walai’, he is very underrated and the guy’s talent is one of a kind. Umemskia kweli? Having Tallie the badgyal closing the remix was the ultimate goal! Being a female rapper, she awakened the song at the same time wrapping it up.

Na imagine hawakuniletea u-star haha, I had so much fun working with them, I would do it again given a chance. Ni watu wa maana sana!”

‘Niko Tayari remix’ is her 8th single release since she started her music journey in 2016. It’s clear from the growth that we have a queen in the music and entertainment industry now and can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.

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