Kenya’s Veteran Producer Benali Launches. Show Aimed At Giving A Platform To Up And Coming Acts.

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Distinguished producer and sound engineer Benali who is best known for his input at the iconic stand-up comedy Tv Show Churchill Show, has launched his own show aimed at taking Kenya’s top brass talent a notch higher.

The vet who has seen and done it all in the Tv Industry is now taking the bull by its horns.

This is after he launched his own show dubbed Vibe Na Benali.

The show is also scheduled to debut on national tv and is specifically aimed at setting the Talent Cog wheels rolling by not only giving a platform to Kenya’s creme de la creme talents to shine but also empowering them and enabling them to thrive in their individual acts.

Benali who has worked with industry giants saw a niche after top talent scouts such as Jalango & Mc Jessy ventured into politics and he has taken the mantle and is absolutely thriving in it.

Fun Fact

Benali has received blessings from Churchill show, who apart from mentoring him advised him to immerse himself in the industry.

Unlike most mainstream tv shows, which single out a particular talent ie comedy, singing Vibe Na Benali will be open to all talents hence embracing inclusivity.

Benali and his team will be traversing through the country in search of Kenya’s next big acts and he encourages people to show up in multitudes for the auditions.

Fun fact

The show has already begun its pilot shows

Additionally, Vibe Na Benali will also be bestowing Job opportunities to some of these talents to work as crew.

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