King Kanja Meets President & Ceo Of Globally Acclaimed Sovereign Brands (Luc Belaire), Brett Berish

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Multi-faceted U.S based Kenyan artist King Kanja is known for making major moves. He recently shut down a sold-out show in Lusaka, Zambia alongside Bobby V and Rotimi, US music acts, and his close associates. Throughout the years,  his acquired high level of music business IQ has enabled him to successfully run his label imprint, King Kanja Empire, and also partner with accomplished brands that suit his image and brand such as Luc Belaire. To top this up, he recently met with Mr. Brett Berish–the president and CEO of Sovereign Brands at the New York headquarters office. The family-owned Sovereign Brands (which houses Luc Belaire, Bumbu Rum, McQueen Violet Fog, and Villon) international wine and spirits company have been supporting King Kanja for the last couple of years. The franchise is also known for selling Armand de Brignac (“Ace of Spades”) champagne to American star rapper, Jay-Z 

Mr. Berish self-made success has informed his company’s values, culture, and celebrity partnerships, culminating in sovereign’s prolific marketing campaign “Self Made Tastes Better”, which includes a series of interviews hosted by Brett alongside some of the world’s biggest celebrities, from recording artists to athletes, actors, TV personalities and influencers – all of whom are also confirmed fans of Sovereign’s brands. 

King Kanja is confirmed to soon do a ‘self-made’ interview with the CEO. Brett Berish revealed to Kanja, “Africa is key for me as I want to support artists and connect them with our international artists’ family as I want to see more collaborations this way. We want to do huge things in Africa!” 

The meeting with Mr. Berish was an eye-opener to Kanja who got to have a personal connection with him and says, “He is a great guy, with great energy and has a strong passion and connection with Africa. He is also a generous human that is eager to help one reach whatever goal they want.” He adds, “Upon meeting him, I mentioned to him that I had my eyes set on collaborating with Rick Ross, and he immediately made a phone call to try and make it happen. A few days later after meeting with Brett, I was able to meet Rick Ross the following weekend in Tampa, Florida where I was doing a show with Bobby V, and coincidentally he was on the same line-up for an outdoor concert. Nothing is concrete, but a big collaboration is in the works. We’ll see what happens.”

King Kanja is also currently finalizing working on his 5th studio album, dubbed ‘KanJAh’ album. His discography has consistently grown over the past years, having released two successful EPs: VIBES (2017), MUCHOKI (2019), albums VIBE LORD (2020), and VIBRATIONS (2020). One of the lead singles off the upcoming project is “Because of You” produced by Houston-based Kenyan producer Giggz who recorded Tems’ part for “Essence” collaboration with Wizkid. The official music video was shot in Miami and at the Belaire HQ in New York City. 

King Kanja throughout the years has acquired a high level of music business IQ which led him to being asked by Mathew Knowles (Beyoncé and Solange’s father) to be the president of the Afrobeats division of his world-renowned record label, Music World Entertainment, former home of Grammy-winning Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé and other major artists. Things didn’t work out as shortly after Dr. Knowles had fallen ill and led King Kanja to continue running his label imprint, King Kanja Empire with distribution from Empire working with a variety of music icons along with debuting brand new talent across the world.

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