Love or Vibes? Pick a side.

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These days when I pick up my phone to write, thoughts elope, and like a beached whale, I’m left stranded hoping that I’d be saved before the worst happens.

To be honest, love is spontaneously losing its meaning to vibe and I think I have substantial proof on why love is spontaneously losing its meaning to vibe. Walk with me. Reason with me.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines vibe as the mood or character of a place, situation, or piece of music while it defines love as to like another adult very much and be romantically and sexually attracted to them. Ask yourself, what are you interested in right now, Love or Vibes?

Truth is, wait! I don’t want to start a gender war here. So the truth is, right now, most young people would pick vibes, not just vibes, good vibes. And at the end of the day, you call it what? Love!? Okay. I get it. But let’s call a spade a spade. You might say vibes drive love, right? Well, no problem. What if you didn’t feel the vibe anymore but you still love the person you’re with? It must be insane, I know. I get it.

I think I should stop already, I’m not making sense. Maybe I do. But trust me, vibes don’t last. The vibe is like a sunset and us, we just take pictures of it but it never lasts, soon darkness takes the center stage and that is life. Love. Live it.

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