Luhya Duo Emboko Cha Busia Gearing Up Launch To A New Song  And A New Genre

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Two veteran Luhya musicians namely Ashuu B and Bunsen Burner have officially teamed up and formed a new artistic group known as Emboko Cha Busia (The pride of Busia).

The newly teamed up musicians are also set to release a new music project titled Lupanga which is off their newly invented genre dubbed Lusia Luyakha.

Ashuu B & Bunsen Burner are accomplished singers who have majored in singing in their Native Luhya language and with this shift, they hope to cement a legacy as the Luhya rap first pioneers to do so.

The new genre that the duo has come up with Lusia Luyakha which translates to a new music era is a blend of a couple of mainstream styles that encompass gengetone & dancehall.

Lupanga meaning sharpness is the premier release and they are scheduled for a media tour in a bid to promote the song.

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