Macedonian DJ and record producer Xsoundbeatz taking Balkan music international ‘Tallava Style’

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Mentor Zenula (born 16 April 2000), known professionally as Xsoundbeatz, is a Macedonian DJ and record producer from Skopje. XSOUNDBEATZ is highly popular in his home country for his repertoire of Balkan Hip Hop Music and Albanian, wedding music. He is also credited as one of the artists from the Balkan region to have made this type of music internationally popular.

With cross cultures in sounds, Afrobeats fusing with pop, Dancehall with Jazz, Many producers are trying to get these fuses to work for them. But for Xsoundbeatz he has created a fuse and a niche his fans love and adore, you can’t stop thinking about the epic strings and melodies that transport you to a different time zone every time you hear his songs, with a mix from Mero the German Rapper he gained over 1 million views on his Youtube.

Xsoundbeatz is best known for his singles “Tallava Style”, “Xsoundbeatz La La”, “Warde” and “Balkan Tallava” which got him over 50,000 streams on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

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