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According to google search maturity is the state, fact, or period of being mature or in plain English, it is the progress from childhood to maturity. According to my dictionary, it is when you realize that you have outgrown some things that you find childish or things you cannot find yourself doing in your grown age. For example; there is a time when I was in high school when we texted each other, we used to replace s with x and use to write a lot of abbreviations like ‘N8’ and ‘HI2’. If grown-ass twenty-something-year-old texts me in short form or some other funny vocabulary it feels weird and I feel I cannot vibe with this person. But at that time it was so fun using it if you did not use it you felt so far behind your peers.

Or have you ever just sat down peacefully scrolling through your Facebook or Snapchat and a memory from six years ago pops up and it is you when you thought you were the most attractive human being in the world posting hashtags like‘#feeling pretty with 20 others’ and then you are just staring at your photo and you are wondering what was wrong with you? you cringe at your young self who did not know anything about being a hot meal. And why did people feel the need to tag a lot of people? How did people have a lot of friends on Facebook? You send someone a friend request and you are told the user cannot accept any friend request. If I told you I have three different accounts and I have recovered none and none of it had reached the friend limit ‘hutaamini’ If I tagged my friends ‘ata hawakuwa wanafikisha Kumi gosh!’ And that being tagged just gave people a lot of entitlement to tell you the truth. And people who used to get a thousand plus likes ‘hao ndio walikuwa mabazuu’

Enough about that let us get down to the real deal. Many situations have caused people to mature early for example if you are the firstborn in your family and you don’t have anyone to support your siblings and you, the responsibility falls on you without even asking for permission. It is an unexpected turn of events where life toughens you up and you miss out on a lot of things just to focus on taking care of a burden that was not yours, to begin with. I say this with utmost empathy I do not know how that feels, but I am the firstborn and the responsibility is the same even if the situations are different. You are your second parent to your sibling and you have to learn as you grow but now, you mature early because you are a grown-up in a child’s body. My parents tell me stories of how they had to take care of their siblings and people from ‘kitambo’ loved making lots of babies. Making a good life for themselves and their siblings was not something they had imagined doing but they had to and here they are still maturing as they age.

Last-born babies are so lucky they get to enjoy life. No responsibilities no stress just good vibes and lots of love. Btw maturing is not a bad thing it is the best thing, you get to know how to solve a lot of things without making a big deal about it and you get to taste the life of adulting and responsibilities. But there are some situations I will not mature from e.g., posting memes and viewing memes. My generation just manages to come up with a lot of genius innovations like memes. There is a time I posted a stupid meme and someone dared to come and tell me that my memes are boring and they do not make sense and I was like ‘ Dude if you do not find my memes funny then why do you keep viewing them? Just mute that shit’ but as long as I find something funny I will post that joke. Hahaha! On your face.

Is there such a thing as maturity in love? I see what you guys are doing out here ‘na sijafurahia ata kidogo’ I am no saint but as you grow up there are some things you should not be doing in your big age. ‘KANAIRO!’ Be safe guys this life will kick you in the face and you will realize some things you just have to leave behind. I am not saying you should not love, love is a beautiful thing and even if things do not work out you have to thank them for the memories, experiences, and, growth. You get to learn a lot about yourself that you never knew and that is a beautiful thing but you also get to mature in the area of love and relationships. For me, I never knew that loving means learning about that certain person not just knowing his favorite color, songs or what he likes eating, their deepest emotions, what makes them happy and all that lovey-dovey ‘manenos’ There is a song by Jorja Smith that goes “when we are young, we all want someone, who we think is the one just to fit in. Take your time, life is a big old ride, sit back and enjoy the ride.” And I think that is beautiful.

After a long duration of the sun burning as hot as I, the rain finally decided to show up. I could write a whole book about maturity but these are my two cents on this. Remember to stay safe in everything you decide to do.


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