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Me, myself, and I it’s all I got in the end, me, myself and I, is every word we all get to say at one point in our lives because you are your best friend. Queen Bee could not have said it better. There was somewhere that I read a quote that said, “Would the best version of yourself entertain that?” It is a question that I have been pondering for a while now, and I realized I don’t even know how to answer who is the best version of myself. and where can I find her? I can’t even hold a meeting with myself and attend it, how will I be able to find the best version of myself? The best version of myself means being my highest self in every area by leaving my comfort zone. My higher self means someone I can ask advice from because she is different from my personality. Do you talk to yourself or am I the only weird person?

Kitambo, singewai ambia mtu mimi hujiongelesha, nilikuwa naogopa watu wangesema nimetupa mbao, until I heard my mom talking to herself not once, but a lot of times, and I was like, ahh! Kumbe sio mimi pekee. Sometimes all you need to do is talk to yourself; some tension might be released from your brain. I talk to myself a whole lot. According to talking to yourself is very healthy because it improves mental and emotional performance. I talk to myself daily because instead of letting my thoughts run wild inside my head and letting them overtake my daily life, I get to have the upper hand in my life. At one point, I let them overtake me, and I ended up losing a part of my life I never thought I would lose. I am an overthinker, but for the better part, I have lessened my overthinking by learning my old self and training my new self. I realized that I hurt the ones I care about a lot because my thoughts cloud my mind.

A wise man once told me, “Your reaction always matters.” I never knew what this meant until I asked myself, what triggers me? What is this thing that always lets me react? It took a lot of thinking but I finally found out that maybe it is the tone of voice used, or the timing of which this person decided to trigger me. And it took a lot of learning about myself and understanding myself. My psychology teacher once told us, that some people live life in airplane mode. They switch off everything and just live life, which is unhealthy. He told us we need to understand ourselves, most importantly our thoughts so that we can be more aware of ourselves and find the best version of ourselves. I had to understand myself so that I could be there for myself in the toughest times of my life.

Nilikuwa na rafiki I used to run to when I had problems when matters of the heart were not right. It became a habit until in every conversation alipenda kuniuliza maswali kuhusu my love life, na sikuwai mind, but there was a time I realized too late of course that I let out too much information about life known and I received a lot of judgment for that too. This friend would always have a solution to every problem and it always ended up with regretting telling her anything, kwa sababu jibu alikuwa ananipea haikuwa kitu nilikuwa nataka kuskia. If I had sat down and sorted my thoughts and feelings and gotten a clear path of why I am feeling the way I am, I would have cleared a lot of things, but I willingly let other people make decisions for me. Saa zingine ule mtu atakuokoa ni wewe mwenyewe.

We should always be on our side because people will only hurt you if we let them, if you are always on your side, it will be hard for people to hurt you because you already know what triggers you and it will be easier to prevent these triggers. I should be able to understand what made me angry, in tears, and mess up so that I will be able to avoid them in the future. “Be the version of yourself that you are most comfortable with, honest with, and much more.” Being my own best friend, I should be able to tell myself that everything will be okay even when things are falling apart, being my best friend means that I should be able to embrace all my flaws. I should be able to know myself better than anyone else. Instead of living life in airplane mode, journaling your feelings and thoughts, and describing them well, should be an entry especially when you are talking to yourself. After journaling, you can read through them every day and in the end, you will get to understand yourself. That is what I have been doing for myself and it has helped me a lot. I hope this article helps one or two of us and we owe it to ourselves, and the only competition in your life is your reflection, you are competing to be your higher self.

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10 days ago

Kumbe sijachizi nkijipea story mpaka nacheka…..Im very funny in my head btw😂

10 days ago

Well said! 💯

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