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Let me introduce you to Dian Issa an intelligent, bold, strong, and beautiful freelance model, who began this journey of modeling way back when she was a kid. She once won Miss Wildlife Kenya when she was in high school and ever since then her career has reached greater heights. She’s talented in front of the camera with her favorite look being an African touch with a sexy look on it. We caught up with her via mail and here is what she had to say about herself and her modeling journey.

Tell us how would you describe yourself?

Intelligent,bold, beautiful, strong and a go getter.

When did your modeling journey begin?

My modelling journey began way back when I was a little kid doing kids mini fashion shows. In highschool contested for Miss Wildlife Kenya western region and emerged the winner. Then professionally started catwalk training at Nairobi Next Top Model then here we are cheers to greater heights

What does it mean to be a model that people don’t know about?

A model is used like a hanger and having that one unique aspect that is identified you as an individual and when it comes to contesting modelling is an Art so perform it. Being number 2 is next to lossing so always aim to being number 1.

Could you tell when you became interested in modeling?

I will say I come from an Artistic family so I am born artistic interest began when I was in kindergarten.

What has been the most challenging or surprisingly easy aspect of it?

Challenging aspect is that in the industry models are many everyone is a model so the lesser the jobs and surprisingly I focus on overcoming the challenges and go for it.

Is modeling what you’ve always wanted to do?

I am a fashion art lover. Yes modelling has been what I have dreamt of doing.

How has this ongoing pandemic affected you as a model?

Well, the pandemic hit on the time I was aiming for an international platform. That’s quite unfortunate cause with the pandemic everything has turned on to be online but glad I have created an international network. Most importantly one’s health comes first observing the Covid 19 rules we thank God for life.

If you weren’t modelling, what would you be doing

I do model as part-time. So if not modeling I am at the hospital offering Nursing services to our patients if not both I am on ballet training🙂🙂

What five secrets that every model should have in their fingertips?

Ooops! Five is a lot 😂😂but let me try listing.  Have a workplan and work smart.

Are you a freelancer model or which agency do you work with?


What’s your observations about the modeling industry?

My observation in the modelling industry is you need money to make money.

Which photographer would you like to work with?

International photographer;- Jordan Matter, Local photographer;- Muma pix.

Whom do you you always look up to, and why?

I look up to Magdalene Jeruto. Miss World Kenya and Miss World Africa. Just like me petite and bold, we are always the game-changers in the industry God bless.

What’s your favorite look?

A little freakiness with an African touch.

How are your DMs like?

Hahaha, huuuh! ‘Congratulations, are you dating, superstar, sexy, I am interested in you, you are fit, happy, do you put on a thong, I will name a few.

What’s your most useless talent?

Hahahahaha! eeeeh! Maybe Laughing and Talking.

What’s your advice to any aspiring model?

Believe in yourself, dream big and make it happen. Most importantly be you and be always happy.

Parting Shot

Be patient and trust your journey it’s not going to be easy but it’s worth it.Guys we are on roads to monetization subscribe to my YouTube channel thank you all.

What’s your social media profile? Where can people find you?

Facebook page Dian Issa     

Instagram.         Dian Issa     

YouTube.            Dian Issa       

Pinterest.           Dian Issa     

And any future social media would still be  my name Dian Issa

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Granton Trevar
Granton Trevar
2 years ago

You’re wow👍😊

2 years ago

She really is a beautiful lady and a go-getter

2 years ago

I love how she answered the questions, so smart and cute.

2 years ago


Reply to  Amina
2 years ago

very kind and humble

2 years ago

Well in!! Great stuff 😃

Temi Ayodeji
2 years ago

A beautiful read about a beautiful woman: Dian Issa😃

HENRY Mwangi
2 years ago

Lovely keep on striving for success dear. Work hard and be smart on all your goals and things will turn out fine

2 years ago


2 years ago


Real Simba
Real Simba
2 years ago


2 years ago

Wow very intelligent beautiful lady I know

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