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A lover of Art is what best we can describe Kahuni. Kahuni has been making music for a while now and describes his musical sound as Afro-native music where he tries to blend his ancestral self and modern self. In this interview, Kahuni shares with us his love for the Creative Space, his musical journey, his latest release, and his future projects.

Kindly share something about Kahuni?

Kahuni is a lover of all things Art.

Describe 2022 in one word?


What got you into music?

I was drawn to it at a very tender age. Something magical is always happening when someone is singing. At that moment, you can’t really quantify it with words.  Am really sure, it is the language of the God’s. That! The desire to do it, being in that space, everything about it, drove me into it. Over the years it has become life itself. So, that’s why I do it.

Can you tell us about your first music project?

First music project? Am not really sure what you mean. Am assuming you mean done and released. Which would be Hennessy na Muratina.  A sweet Lugha RnB song produced by the Frankenstein the Phenom.  So much happened on the day this song was birthed. But, that’s a story for another day.

How would you describe the music that typically creates?

The music I create is really from my representation as a life form, I believe. A blend of ancestral self and modern self fused together. Afro-native music or at least, that is what am going for. Most of my ancestral music is very conscious while my modern self is very goofy and soulful.

This year you have been by the motto ‘Kahuni is coming.’ Why did you choose that motto?

Because Kahuni is coming. First, there will be mayhem then, there will be grace. Haha. I mean these words.  It generally means am ready to take over the world.

Speaking of which you have new music that you released ‘Talk is cheap.’ Tell us more about the music project and what was your purpose and the creative process around it?

I wasn’t really creating anything specific initially. We were jamming in the studio. Jamming to a number of beats by the talent Jamie Rylo. I found this particular beat very cool and I went so we began. After freestyling on the beat like three times we ended up on the idea we wanted and thus began recording. I think the beat was giving Talk is Cheap vibe. The main reason was to make a song that a great number of people would love and vibe to. I was looking to do something new in my perspective. Something out of the box. I THINK WE NAILED IT.

What has been the biggest highlight of your career thus far?

Just recently, I was privately invited to a workshop only to find the biggest of names in the country for that workshop. I was the only name that is yet to find its name in the books.  I felt like an intern who was present in an arena full of presidents and I had to give my input about the future of the Kenyan Creative economy.  Am about to change the industry as it is. For me to find myself in such a space. I felt really shaken. It’s a pure affirmation for me to continue with my heart’s desire. I don’t even think they know.

How has it been navigating through the Kenyan creative industry?

You know, from the workshop I was talking about. One of the guys. The greatest in my perspective. He said that the industry is a really tough place.  I don’t think anyone can prepare you enough for this truth. All in all, we have made it this far. So we keep going.

Still, on the Creative industry topic, you happen to be the founder of Creative That Talk. Tell us more about your organization and what it offers?

Am creating a community with Creatives That Talk. I believe we have so much to do to make the Kenyan creative economy a hub of excellence. Not to say that it isn’t. We could do better though. We have to make the relationships among us creative to work better. We have to create a culture and systems that change how we all earn and support each other. I believe by this we as the producers of art will be able to convince consumers to consume our products whether it’s movies, albums or fashion, and more. People that work together can create a planet. Think about it.

Do you feel there is a lot Kahuni has to offer as an artist?

Absolutely, growth is constantly happening, each day am better than yesterday.  I have so much I haven’t given. Am not even at my best yet.

Who would like to collaborate with in your next music project?

Wah, I have a million and one names. The first 100 pages are probably going to Kenyan underground Artists. There is so much talent out here. People I have closely worked with and others that am obsessing about every evening when at home.  But, if I had to pick one it would be Sampa The Great or Kendrick.  They give me very Ancestral energy. Nawekulo, Kasha and King Cub. Find these names… (whispers)

What should we expect from you in 2023?

KAHUNI IS COMING! Thiee umere(go tell them.)

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5 months ago

Kahuna is a force to recon…. Can’t wait for the next en the next project… Passion Is real en he expresses it vividly

4 months ago

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