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Ambitious, goal-driven, creative, and content creator is all just but about a brief description of who Leslie Musyoki is. Leslie Ken Musyoki is the founder of Good Talks Live Podcast an online podcast that he started on April 16th, 2021. His podcast is all about entertainment and inspiration for creative and generally the youths. Through the help of Semabox(where he currently records his podcast), Leslie has gone on to build GTL into an amazing podcast and has been able to gain traffic from various listeners on the internet. He hopes that his show will one day become a movement as he seeks to venture deep into the business. We caught up with Leslie via mail to get to know more about him and his Podcast show.

Who is Leslie? Kindly describe yourself?

Ok, Leslie Musyoki Ken is an ambitious and goal-driven gentleman, a creative, a podcaster, and generally a content creator.

When did you start making your podcast? How has the journey been this far?

The first time I stepped foot in a podcast set was 16/04/2021, that’s when I recorded GTL episode one and the journey so far is good, I am grateful and thankful. Furthermore, I am also enjoying every process in this creative space.

You seem to be very intentional with the world you build around your podcast. Can you share your creative process?

Yes, I have an audience and what I talk about in my podcast targets a certain person or people. Before I record an episode I think of a topic and the topic doesn’t pop up randomly, sources are different, I listen to podcasts, talk shows, music, movies, etc. So I get a topic from the sources I have named, start scripting my first draft, go through it, erase some things, then do my second draft of the script and finally do the final draft which is the script I am going to use.

My creative process is like making a bill into law.

What made you start Good Talks Live show?

I have always wanted to be on radio, engaging someone in a conversation, being a host, controlling the room kind of thing and that’s when I thought of a podcast.

What have you learned so far from being in this field that people should know?

I think what stands out for me is, any effort you make regardless of how small you think it is will always come to pay. I can bear witness but don’t get it twisted, it might not pay financially but it will pay in a very major way.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

You know, when you ask every creative out here this question, they all say funds is an issue, add me on that list too, funds is my biggest challenge, raising money to book a podcast session is tough and costs are very high.

What do you wish everybody understood about your podcast?

I will sum it up this way; Good Talks Live Podcast speaks to your mind through education, to your soul through inspiration, and to your body through entertainment. It’s a full-course meal.

What has fundamentally changed about your podcast from when you started until now?

How I saw Podcasting was different from how I see it now, I see podcasting from a different scope and thus changed the dimension of my podcast. Almost five episodes in but if you are a keen listener you will notice that episode one is different from other episodes. What has changed is how I asked questions and how I approach the topic of discussion, the production and recording gets better every day courtesy of SemaBox Podcast hub.

What/Who motivates you?

What keeps me going is the fact I can make an impact, people can relate to what I say and come to my DMs and appreciate what I do.

My Family is very instrumental in my content creation; they are my number one supporters. I call them MAWAZIRI.

Who is your mentor or industry role model? Why?

Leslie can podcast, act, script writes, and is also a good pun maker. Imagine having Abel Mutua’s writing skills and Njugush’s acting and comedy skills, you will be a voice to reckon with, I look up to them. I knew Baraza Media Lab and SemaBox because of Abel Mutua; he played a big role in how I found myself in that creative space. Abel Mutua tells stories and that’s what I do at my podcast, basically, I am learning from a Guru.

If you could change anything in your industry what would it be?

The creative industry is always like the middle child, it is always segregated yet it contributes a good percentage to our economy. It binds together different kinds of people. If I had the power I would create policies, allocate enough funds and preach to people that being creative is like any other job, in fact, it’s the industry that accommodates all jobs you can think of, if funded well and respected it will thrive immensely

What’s next for you?

I think I will continue recording, writing, and producing as much as I can and venture into podcasting really deep and make a huge impact with my podcasting. GTL PODCAST IS A MOVEMENT TO BECOME A WAZIRI AND JOIN THE FAMILY!

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6 months ago

The world repays you for every issue you solve. Keeping winning Waziri.

Gig Real
Gig Real
7 months ago

Waziiiiiiriiiiii Keep Winning 🙌🏽🙌🏽

7 months ago

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