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It’s a new year and we’re pleased to still share with you guys stories of creatives doing amazing things in their respective fields. In this segment of ‘Get to Know’ we get to catch up with Moseh Gikonyo a 22-year-old radio host at Radio 254. Mostly known by his nickname Captain Gikosh from his show 254 Drive, Moseh defines himself as a kind person and a mogul in the making. In this Interview he talks about his show, his passion of being a radio presenter, and the goals he wishes to achieve;

Who is Gikonyo Moseh? And how did you come up with the nickname Gikosh the Captain?

Gikonyo Moseh is a 22-year-old Star, a big Dreamer, a believer of Kindness, and a Mogul in the making. Hehehe…everyone thinks Gikosh is Gikomba but well it’s also my nickname, the short form of Gikonyo, given to me by a former co-worker. I gave myself the Captain title cause I feel I came to control the radio industry just like a captain controls a boat.

Can you speak briefly about your upbringing and the moments that spurred your interest in radio?

Born and raised at Karura Ka Murimo as the first child to Eddah. I was a talkative child and hence never missed on the noisemaker list and I kind of feel that lead to my interest in radio but to be very honest I never envisioned myself being a radio personality. Teaching was my calling.

Could you outline your hosting style?

My style is Intimate, Energetic, Engaging, and Lovable.

Tell us a bit about your show The 254 Drive?

Yaaaas let’s talk about my baby, 254 Drive is the biggest drive show in the world that airs each and every weekday between 1600hrs to 1900hrs at Radio 254, the only station that plays 100% of Kenyan Music. It’s a show full of life and entertainment in terms of great interviews, gossip (ooooops entertainment news), and of course great Kenyan Music from both established and upcoming Stars. It’s a really great ride home….give it a listen.

What is your creative process like when preparing for your show?

My creative process is RESEARCH, it’s that simple. I do research everything.

What have you learned from mistakes on this job?

That you have to make them to be “perfect” and you don’t have to be so hard on yourself, that’s how you grow

What is your favorite part about being a Radio Presenter?

Meeting and giving people opportunities to share their stories is so fulfilling.

Explain to us about your experience working in this field as a Radio Presenter?

The experience has been ‘EVERYTHING’. I have learnt a lot, in terms of how to handle interviews, how to run a show, how to handle rejection and disappointments, and how to be patient with both myself and the listener. Also, I have had moments where I felt like quitting and had breakdowns because sometimes things seem not to be working according to my favour.

What are you always up to when you’re not hosting?

I’m either helping my Aunt with her Beauty Shop or helping my Cucu with chores.

What change do you think your industry needs to make to improve?

The industry needs to embrace change in terms of learning to work together – erasing the mentality of ‘we are competing’. Also, can young creatives be given opportunities, these kids got mad talents… not only as presenters but also as producers and engineers. Change is great.

What goals do you plan on achieving this year as a Radio Presenter?

First is to work with Brands – both small and big(hit me up), giving more opportunities to upcoming Stars on my show, interviewing Akothee and Kate Actress and of course bagging the bag and awards, just to mention a few.

Speaking of goals and achievements we’re aware that you’ve been nominated for an award? How can people vote for you?

Yeeees! I’m so happy and grateful. I have been nominated as a Radio Presenter Of The Year in the E360 Awards, I would love us to take this award home and we can make this happen by voting for me via; then proceeding to put my code; 302209 and the number of votes you wish to cast or by simply dialing *483*733*302209# then following the prompts. Thaaank you in advance.

What advice would you like to give to those also who wish to join your field as a Radio Presenter?

Shoot your shot, be patient with yourself and the process, avoid big expectations and Be You.

What’s next for you this year?

Definitely joining TV, hosting more events, and making Radio great

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Captain Gikosh
And 254 radio to the world 🌍
Mad talent right here

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