Morgan Heritage Talks About Cancel Culture In New Motivational Tune ‘Just A Number’

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Many artists usually use their talents to entertain the world and make them forget about many issues.

However, there is a crop of artists who take their time to educate, inspire and influence positive change in the lives of their fans.

Legendary Reggae music group Morgan Heritage happens to fall in the latter category. has learnt Morgan Heritage has made a gallant comeback with the release of a new jam dubbed Just A Number.

Through the new song Just A Number, Morgan Heritage played big brother to upcoming creatives and sportsmen by passing very important career advice to them.

Since Morgan Heritage are keen on inspiring and motivational songs, the group advised upcoming newsmakers to work hard in their crafts and use the same energy to protect their brands.

According to Morgan Heritage, there is no use in putting in much work which ends up being cancelled due to minor mishaps from the creatives’ side.

Just A Number, which was released on January 27, was received well by Morgan Heritage’s worldwide fans who had really missed them.

Morgan Heritage through a press release disclosed they intend to start a conversation about today’s newsmakers in a bid to ensure the youth do not make the same mistakes their predecessors made.

“Just A Number was inspired by historic and current figures in the entertainment industry. The song speaks directly to the upcoming sports, film, TV, and music entertainers and anyone pursuing a professional career. We want to make them aware that they should not work hard and sacrifice all their lives to build a career and potentially lose everything overnight because of something you do or say. As students of history, we learned about brutal figures, and we’d like to start a conversation about today’s news makers and ensure the youths don’t make the same mistake’s” Morgan Heritage said.

Morgan Heritage has been making ripples in the music arena with countless hit songs.

A couple of years ago, the reggae family group fell in love with Kenya which they had travelled to for some concerts.

With their love for the country, it is believed Morgan Heritage bought homes and even farms in the country with the aim of setting up their retirement home.

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