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Money! money! money! money! money! MONEY! Heh! Let me tell you Maina, this thing called money is very important in life. I have written an article which title was “Money does not buy happiness” forgive me, haaa! I was young, dumb, broke, and introverted, and I still am young, dumb and broke, and introverted. “Cash money nimesota, can you feel me? Mi nataka pesa! Pesa!” A mere paper with the face of someone I have never seen and a lot of Zeros.

Can you imagine, you want to take a trip to Coast and you don’t have money, unatake tu trip from your bed to the toilet and that’s it. I am asking God to forgive me for saying that, I was stupid. Money is bliss. I like fashion, and I have a fantasy, that when I build my house, I want to have a walk-in closet that has two floors because I don’t want to be repeating clothes. You know that feeling when you want to wash your clothes, you put the jeans kando unasema hii ata si chafu nitaipanguza tu then it goes one month without being washed and the number of times you will wear those jeans without them being washed, only God knows

Tafuta pesa ndio mtu akikuheartbreak usilie kwa pillow saying that is therapy, ati sad nigga hours. Get money so that when you are sad and you feel you are under the weather, you decide to go to Dubai and shake your stress away on a yacht. Tafuta pesa usishinde ukiitwa kababa na kamum by your sugar mamas and wababaz. I am not judging because kila nyani na starehe yake, but can you imagine having a net worth of 500 years, no one in your generation will be enslaved. I now understand these wash wash guys and drug lords.

I listen to The Sandwich Podcast and they are just good vibes and inshallah, there was a segment in their show where they said that you can’t be addicted to sandwiches if you have money and I support them. Have you ever heard Snoop Lion or Wiz Khalifa being called crazy or drug addicts, no why? Because they have money, but wewe try tu kutuflossia hapa na sandwich and you have nothing on your name, unaeza ata pelekwa rehab.

In all honesty, I wish money was not the answer for everything but in the current situation we are in as a world and in life, it is very important to have a lot of money. I went to a football game for kids along Ngong road, and ushai jiangalia ukajihurumia? Kids who are not even 15 years old have apple phones and ear pods, mimi huku kando nimenga’nga’na kuzungusha earphones ndio nipate kale kaspot music inacheza poa, and their parents are driving big machines, meanwhile, nimekuja na gari mbili, naconnect tu ndio nifike site. I don’t even belong to the middle-class society, straight up poor, but it is okay I am manifesting success and good life which of course MUST have MONEY. Don’t give in to the pressure of becoming rich you forget who you are, but if you ignored me when I was hustling, I don’t expect you to be clinging to me when God blesses me, I am sure everyone agrees with me. Tafuta pesa Watoto wako wasishindwe kuongea English na watoto wangu. But God will Bless us for sure we deserve it, Can I get an AMEN?


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7 months ago

This is dope

Charity Gaita
Charity Gaita
7 months ago

Keep up the good work

7 months ago


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