New Rising Kenyan Songstress Secretlyjuly Debuts Her Musical Career With First Single “July”

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The Kenyan music industry is experiencing immense growth and revolution that has seen its market expand beyond its borders. There are loads of up-and-coming artists to get excited about, and we’ve picked out one that we’d recommend you pay attention to over the next few years. Meet Secretlyjuly new rising Afropop and Afro Swing songstress who debuts her musical career in 2022 with her first single dubbed “July”. Now out on all streaming platforms.

The Kenyan-born, multi-talented abstract artist, radio host, business developer, content creator, fashion enthusiast, singer & songwriter’s new single is set to be a fans’ favorite because of its musical richness.
Secretlyjuly’s brand is centered around her being herself making her swag and brand feel authentic to her fans. She’s magnetic, sensual and rebellious chic with ever eccentric and alluring personality.

“July is a feel good confident single. When working on this project I was at one of my lowest points and needed to write something that would boost my confidence. July came to be as a manifestation song to always feel good about oneself and believe in one’s magic. I wrote it to feel encouraged and good about July, myself. I needed a tune people could listen to and want to hype themselves in that manner. To remember that confidence comes from within. July is also an introduction single. I wanted people to hear July and be introduced to my world of class and rave through my feel good lyrics. An Afro pop song was then born”. She explains.

The feel good confident song is a fusion of Afro Pop and R&B, and Secretlyjuly does the tune justice with her sonorous vocals and proof that she is set to take over the Music World.

Secretlyjuly has always been musically gifted with her ability to sing, song write and play various instruments. Blessed with a powerful voice, she decided to get into the music scene after taking a step back from business development and focus on her career as a full on multi disciplinary artist. This decision was inspired by her need to live a fulfilling life. Most importantly she’s eager about sharing her talent and gift with the world as it would be such a shame to let it go to waste. She is excited to share her music and art with the world as her future is promising both sonically and artistically.

She’s an artist by nature who who creates abstract art and isn’t shy to express herself through her art work. With individuals showing keen interest in her art work she has managed to make a living off distributing her artwork both locally and globally.

The multi talented creative is also known as an edgy fashionista who isn’t afraid of breaking rules and pushing boundaries to achieve a certain style or look. Secretlyjuly oozes sex appeal which she carries so effortlessly.

Secretlyjuly maintains a hectic work life balance by remaining grounded and staying true to herself. She’s been gifted with the ability to juggle multiple careers at once making her a trend setter and go getter. She maintains her good looks and image through living a well balanced lifestyle. She loves to spend her time in the gym working out and is very particular about her diet and exercise. Being sporty and fit helps her cope with her own mental health as she says , movement is extremely healthy for the brain and heart.

July is her debut single and is a MUST LISTEN

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6 months ago

ITS F….. july always

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