New Single Mi Mnoma By The Fast Rising Rapper Show J

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Let the good vibes flow with this flaming hot Vibe In Kenya Africa to the world! Joshua Oeri, commonly known as Show J, is arguably one of the fastest-rising and the best rappers in Kenya. Show J Has been in the industry for a short time but he has become a Rapper with prowess in Style since High School. 

The Nairobi entertainment scene is arguably one of the most vibrant and diverse in East Africa. Interestingly, hoods within the city are identified with a particular genre of music, particular musicians, and particular studios. Since then, Show J has proved his writing prowess, especially when scouting for Kenyan upcoming talents. Besides his vast following, Show j is one of the Fast rappers, thanks to his wordplay and writing style. 

He’s Set To Release Mi Mnoma meaning He’s Best at The Game He Needs A Chance To Proof His Fans. This year, the artist has doubled on his mission to spotlight as the best talent from the country, introducing his megastar version of himself on this project.

Artists Worked with 

OsuwoJr from the Group ‘The Kenyan Troublers’ in Still in the hood, 

2Maein Hudson in Supreme and Cosignsol in Time Niko Down. Show J asserts that his musical journey began way back than he can really recall. With a legendary style, extraordinary tune, and invincible energy, he has mastered the Scene of Hip-hop painting his name on the tallest building releasing his Single Mi MNoma.

Without a doubt, Show J is currently the face of Kenya’s music scene and at the center of the most beautiful moments of his music career as his most New song.

Rapper Show J identifies as a hard-working individual and a musician ready to go far and beyond to make his dream a reality. When you hear his songs, you understand that his style is unique and one of a kind. In the song, the prolific rapper spits heavy conscious bars with some hard-knocking punchlines. Talking about life in Nairobi, being streetwise, and playing the game safe, he further speaks of haters with ill intentions of derailing and hurting people’s plans to succeed.

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