Nigerian Kenyan Based Artist Kushy Kush Returns with a Bang with New Single ‘Like That’ – A Personal Expression of Betrayal, Love, and Street Hustling

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Nigerian Kenyan based artist, Kushy Kush, is back with a bang after a short hiatus from the music scene. The artist who took a break to focus on his craft and study music is back and better than ever with his latest single, “Like That.”

After a series of successful singles and collaborations, Kushy Kush suddenly went silent, leaving his fans wondering what had happened to him. Some speculated that he had lost interest in music, while others suggested that he may have been going through personal struggles. However, the artist has now broken his silence and has returned with a new single titled “Like That.”

The new release, which was inspired by Kushy Kush’s personal experiences of betrayal, love, and the struggles of street hustling, is set to resonate with his fans and music lovers worldwide. The track is a fusion of Afrobeat and Hip Hop, showcasing Kushy Kush’s unique style and versatility as an artist.

Speaking on his new release, Kushy Kush said, “I wanted to create something that would connect with my fans and showcase my growth as an artist. “LIKE That” is a reflection of my personal journey, and I hope it inspires my fans to keep pushing towards their dreams, no matter the challenges they face.”

Kushy Kush’s return to the music scene has been highly anticipated, and his new release is already generating buzz among his fans and music enthusiasts. The artist’s unique style and fresh sound are sure to make him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

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