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Remember us, girls, when we used to play with our plaited hair singing?…’utafanyia harusi wapi? Choo, bafu, kanisa?’ and where the plaits ended is where your wedding would be. Some of us were so lucky to land on the church option, and the ones who would get the other options we would laugh at them so hard because we would believe that’s where their weddings would be. Those were the moments that were the most cherished and are safely locked in us. Now some of us are in the hassle of finding venues for their weddings wow what a real glow-up we are going through I hope I get to eat at your real weddings.

Remember when we used to play ‘cha mama and cha baba?’ we go look for kales(leaves), Unga(sand) and we were so serious cooking for our children and who ironically were the same as age as us and you would even scold them like how your mama would scold you. Now sisi ni wazazi …Mama nani and Baba nani working so hard to ensure the best life for them and spanking their little bum bums when they are in the wrong because you want them to be at their best behavior when they are a little grown-up. Remember how a tiny mistake would get you a good beating which would send you straight to bed on an empty stomach.

I hope the memories are rushing in your mind giving you a good laugh. I know I am.

Do you recall the first time you felt butterflies in your stomach? Was it a little weird? feeling that way? I remember my first time. I never could have imagined a boy would give me those weird feelings. The anticipation of meeting your crush even if it was by chance. And when you saw them coming your way you could draw shapes on the ground with your feet, and they would walk past you both of you avoiding eye contact. And the shy smiles and tiny chuckles. Then there was the waiting for your next meeting aah ata hatukuwa tunajua make up ni nini……You would never care about your appearance, the self-confidence was at its best.

High school was where the fun was, we would meet up at funkies, have a good socializing and the following week would be filled with a buzz of letter writing and that’s where we would flirt with one another and write dedix and shout outs at the end of the letters and look for the best of Khalid geniuses to make your letter look more dope. And how we wrote autobiographies because we thought we could never meet again. Ah, take me back, please.

As you, my dear readers have gotten your hands on my nostalgia I hope I have dug up yours too and made your day.

There’s a time when I remember when I did not know any pain and I believed in Forever and everything would stay the same.

Toast to the ones here today and toast to the ones that we lost on the way

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5 months ago

Good old days

5 months ago

Girrrl I love this! Big up ma’am.

5 months ago

Please take me back😩😩
Such a good read Heidi

4 months ago

Am loving this😍

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