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October is now done and dusted and my salaried friends check on us buana😁. But lemme rewind kidogo and take you guys back to the 20th of October (Mashujaa Day) while everyone else was having fun celebrating Mashujaa Day in their own style, Unkut Africa decided to celebrate creatives in Kenya as shujaa’s by doing a Day Event Party at Moov Cafe and Bistro.

Unkut Africa together with Moov set up this date to be a success and lemme tell you it did not disappoint. Every creative in different fields showed up. Those in music showed up and gave out some wonderful performances, then there were those in the art industry who showcased their works and some did that by doing body artwork. The fashion industry was also well represented as some sold their pieces and made a profit. The media/publishing industry was also there with different brands getting to know more about creatives who were there and showcasing their crafts.

Of course, we can’t fail to give out honorable mentions to the artist that give us amazing performances. Artists like Attare and Pruee who were among the few female performing artists really hyped the crowd with their performance and we also had artists like LB, Amaz, HB Kim, and Gold Triggah also giving us their best while on stage.

Having a day like that filled with many creatives we go to sideline a few of them to ask them questions on their respective field. Luigi being one of them gave us his thought about the industry and where he wishes to see it in the next few years, he also gave advice on artists to make friends with their phones and the internet as it goes a long way in promoting their art and converting the audience into a fan base. Jimmy Truth a Fashion Designer also shared his wisdom and wishes that fashion as a form of art be appreciated more. One person we also shared a conversation with was LB as he hoped that artists will unite and support each other and that the industry policy will change for the betterment of the creative industry.

The night couldn’t end without us also catching a word with the host of the event Ruby V who was hyped that every creative showed up and hopes to make the Unkut Day Party a monthly thing to get creatives together to showcase their creative art and talents.

We of course also give a big shout-out to Moov Cafe and Bisto and especially to Kagz who’s been keen on supporting creatives and giving them a space to host events. Moov is really doing an excellent job at that and it’s no wonder most creatives always feel at home whenever they go there.

All in All, October was a fun month and we hope for the best this November as we near the end of the year.

That’s all from us cheers guys 😁 and Happy New Month ❤️

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