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Kael Njihia is a creative, daring and experimental guy who also has passion for music and acting.

1) How would you best describe yourself?

Creative, daring and experimental.

2)Kindly share the part of your story that you feel the public should know about Kael Njihia?

Well, I’ve been writing songs since I was five years old. During a literature lesson in class six, I think I was twelve, our teacher gave us an impromptu cat to write a poem about our school. Mine was so good it became the school anthem for seven years Alafu they stopped. True story I swear!

3)How and when did you make your debut in the music career?

That would be in 2019 when I did the empawa challenge. I was actually doing it for fun but the responses I got from the “Hush” song were so amazing I ended up going to the studio and recording an official song. After that I took a long break to study the industry further, know what works and what doesn’t so that I be able to give my fans the best from my abilities with every release.

4)How would you describe your style of music?

I don’t think I have a specific genre that I vibe with. I’m currently finishing up on an album and I don’t think I have two songs from the same genre. They might have some Jazzy or Neosoul feel to them though.

5)Where do you find your ideas?

From my past experiences, from other’s. Although inspiration is everywhere. Everything that has life has a story to tell, everything that doesn’t, was part of one or will be, when a creative comes by.

6)Being a singer, songwriter and a rapper kindly tell us how your creative process is like?

I’m also a producer actually, and to be honest that’s where my creative process starts at. I’d be messing around on my keyboard till these melodies start coming to me. Alafu once I have the song laid out, it’d take close to 7 minutes to write the lyrics and voila, I have a song. You might never get to hear it though. I’ll just add it to the thousands of unreleased ones I have on the shelf. Haha.

7)Tell us how did you feel performing on the My Tribe event at Nature Breeze Gardens, Kikuyu?

Bliss, my friend. It being my first solo performance ever as Kael Njihia was actually amazing than I thought it’d be. Hadi nikashindwa mbona sifanyangi hii kitu. Haha.

8)Apart from being a musician you also an actor, tell how it is trying to balance the two?

Anyone who has ever worked with me will tell you I’m either singing on set or acting in music videos! What is balance really? What I do is basically go all in for each when it’s their time. That way none is slacking behind.

9)How was it being a supporting role in the Unlucky Stars Pilot and working with all those amazing artists?

 So amazing! That was actually my first screen project and I loved every bit of it. I got exposed to so many incredible people who became friends eventually.

10)Are you also acting on the Crimes and Justice show?

Yes. Im in crime and Justice: “Homegrown” episode. A series that airs pale showmax

11)How well do you relate to your fans, followers and those people around you?

Quite honestly some of my fans are now my friends. I invite them for karaokes every now and then and we get to have the time of our lives. I’m very fond of good vibes you know!

12)Have you experienced any hate or trolling from people and if you have how do you handle it?

I don’t think anyone hasn’t. I just laugh it off and move on. It also pays to have savage supportive friends who toughen you up. Thick skin is the secret.

13) Generally what challenges have you faced in your creative work?

Funds, I guess. When it comes to art, the more you invest the better the project. I found ways on how to cope with that however.

14)What’s your observations about the entertainment industry?

Its growing and I love it. People are more receptive to new sound and that’s amazing. Every creative love being in spaces that invoke growth.

15)What one thing could you change about yourself?

Ha! None. God built me just the way I love it!

16)Who inspires you?

My circle majorly. Their hunger for success is admirable no matter how many times we fail. Jacob Collier, thee musical genius. Masego, Christopher Nolan Quentin Tarantino, I have a list!

17)What or who is the greatest love of your life?

God, Praise Jesus! My family, big shout-out to them, music and best of all, my fans. They’re such beautiful people.

18)What’s your favourite look?

I’m currently digging the casual look. Although that changes after every season. Last year it was hoodies on shorts or T-shirts on jeans. I’m really experimental, so before the year ends, I might fall for something else.

19)Whom do you dream of collaborating with?

Nikita Kering, Nasty C, Masego, Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak and Rihanna; because I mean, duh! Haha.

20) Which artistes do you look up to?

Currently, Bruno Mars in the music industry and Michael B. Jordan in the film industry.

21) What’s is your dream destination?

To my island somewhere in Bali or Santorini for a holiday or two would be nice!

22) What’s next for Kael?

More films, more music! So much more. I’m just getting started Yoh!

23) Parting Shot?

Your creative silence could be the reason some stories are still untold. Maybe it’s about time you do something about that too, don’t you think?

24)Your social media handles, where can people find you and get to know more about you?

Hello beautiful people, my name is Kael Njihia on social platforms i.e., Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, tiktok, everywhere.

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Joshua Wango
Joshua Wango
2 years ago

Mambo bad! Legend in the making.

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