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At only 23 Maeve Sherryl is really making a name for herself. Currently an advocate in training, Maeve also happens to be a podcaster owning her own podcast show called Cycles. In her podcast show Cycles, she explains to us her deep desire to offer her voice to the world to discuss issues that we struggle to open up about on a normal day. The podcast is geared towards candid conversation as it focuses on people and culture. Maeve also talks about her being a singer and songwriter having an EP called Cycles just like her podcast show. In her EP she claims the songs are about the story of her past relationships and she felt about it. Her desire currently is to continue growing her podcast show and also be a certified Advocate of The High Court of Kenya.

Let’s start with some background info about Maeve?

Maeve is a 23-year-old girl, 3rd of a family of 4 kids, currently an advocate in training, a podcaster, singer, and songwriter.

Where are you from? Can you speak briefly about your upbringing and the moments that spurred your interest in music and podcast?

I Am from Nairobi, born and raised. My interest in music was sparked when I was 7 in a talent show in class, I sang and it went really well, and from then on not a day has passed without me opening my mouth to sing. My songwriting journey began when I was 11 after watching the Lion King for the first time and I used the melodies to write my own songs in high school, I began to write my own pieces, and my songwriting gift was solidified when I wrote winning pieces for my house during high school inter-house competitions.

What came first, music or podcast? What led you to segue from one into the other?

The music came first. It has always been music but like with every journey sometimes you take detours for clarity and to also satisfy individual curiosity because I believe I am multidimensional so restricting myself is not something I want to do ever!

It is easy to mesh the two because I have always been interested in Media. After failed attempts to join mainstream radio, I decided to create my own table.

What inspired you to create your Podcast ‘Cycles’?

I took the name Cycles off of my EP. I went with the name because it’s wholesome and perpetual after all that’s what life is. My inspiration was the deep desire to offer my voice to the world to discuss issues that we struggle to open up about on a normal day. The podcast focuses on people and culture and is geared towards candid conversations.

Speaking about your podcast Cycles you also have an EP with the same name. What inspired you to create the EP?

Haha! The EP is the story of a love gone sour. I was telling a story of a past relationship and how I felt about it. It was refreshing to get that off my chest.

What is your creative process like?

Music-wise, I get inspiration either from my personal experience or other people’s but mostly from mine. So once I know what I want to write about a melody pops up and I go with it, put words to it, or alternatively, I’d have a beat sent to me and I can write on it. For the Podcast, I plan my content prior to the structure but it isn’t scripted, once I know what I’ll talk about and who I’ll bring, I let it flow organically.

What else do you enjoy doing when you’re not making a podcast or music?

I enjoy studying 😊. I am currently undergoing my Advocate Training at the Kenya School of Law and I love my books. Also, I model and hang out with friends.

Congratulations on reaching 1000 listeners. What else do you feel we need to know more about your podcast?

Thank you! The podcast is very therapeutic for me, it has changed my views on certain things thanks to the lovely guests I’ve had. Also, Season 2 is on, and it’s both Audio and Visuals.

What makes you feel inspired or like your best self?

I feel inspired by the vision I have for my life and for my family. I feel my best self when I am being authentic without shrinking any parts of myself.

What’s something about your industry that has surprised you lately?

I am always surprised when I discover the pool of wealth that is in my industry be it moneywise, knowledge or advice.

Have you ever experienced challenges when you started or was it just a smooth sail?

Challenges have been there especially music-wise. I started out rather young, so some people have attempted to take advantage of that naivety, also juggling my undergraduate with studio time was tricky as I had a bias toward music. Also, rejections have come but I sail on. The struggles make every win worthwhile.

How do you feel the internet has impacted the music and podcast business?

The internet has increased visibility for all creatives. It has also put everyone on an equal pedestal where you don’t even need record labels or huge marketing machinery to go viral all we have to do now is to consistently engineer our luck by curating value-based content and promoting it viciously watch the magic happen over time.

What is one message you would like to give your fans?

I’d like to say thank you. There are people that have journeyed with me from my cover song days to my first single, my first music video, and now my podcasting, they are the real OGs I’ve grown right in front of their eyes.

What’s next for you? What should we expect from Maeve in the near future?

Expect more podcast collaborations, praying for brand endorsements, looking forward to being a certified Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, and maybe new music haha!

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