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Monski is an independent Kenyan Hip-hop Artist and a dynamic female rapper who has dropped some razor sharp bars over some of the meanest beats and her music is a blend of old school rap style with modern day hip-hop and a capricious flow.

1)How would you best describe yourself?

Monski is a Kenyan hip-hop rapper, singer, and songwriter. She was crowned as the Unkut Hip-hop Award best female artist of the year in 2019. I perceive myself to be one of the most dynamic female rappers in Kenya today and I guess my résumé speaks for itself.

2)Kindly share the part of your story that you feel the public should know about Monski?

Despite being a rapper, I’m passionate about singing to an extent that I’m planning to go for vocal training sometime this year, and I’m also into dancing.

3)How and when did you make your debut in the music industry?

I fell in love with hip-hop during my teens writing rhymes but in 2014 that’s when I recorded my first demo and it received very positive reviews and ever since then my fanbase grew as they appreciated the music that I made.

4)Which was your first song to record?

The INTRO is my first. It’s a 1min Freestyle on THE FIRMS(Nas, Az, Foxy Brown) Beat, PHONE TAP.
It was basically my introduction to the Hip-hop world as a rapper.

5)Have you always aspired for a music career?

Yes yes. Since I was a baby I’ve always had an interest in music. I’ve always admired female musicians to the extent of singing Ngoma zao kwa hao with the biro as a microphone😊

6)When would you say was your biggest breakthrough in the music industry?

Being selected as one of the performers wa NYEGE NYEGE FESTIVAL 2018, hosted in JINJA, UGANDA. It was fun and huge for me.

7)And how long have you been in the music business

It’s been Seven amazing years out there.

8)How would you describe your style of music?

A versatile Hip-hop artist.

9)How did the stage name Monski come about?

Its a nickname I got back in highschool from my deskmate. Aliniita tu hivyo na ika stick to date.

10)How did the album Gold come about?

Motivation ya Gold comes from a lot of things, one ni for the love of hip-hop, as a hip-hop artist the need to put out a body of work was always there. I just didn’t have the infrastructure in place. second is my fans, they kept asking for an album and I felt like it was finally time to give them what they want.


11)What is the album about?

If u listen to the tracks u realize it’s not a hyped album. It’s actually deep and there’s a lot of messages and gems am trying to put across.

12)Among your songs do you have a favorite?

On the album, HIO KITU, and HAPPY ft Agolla. Because they are feel-good jams and generally I am a happy and positive person and I like to give such energies.

13)How was it, with working with all those artists you have collaborated with in your album?

It was good, easy, and amazing. Everyone delivered what I was expecting and it was vibes and an awesome creative experience.

14)What have been some of your greatest challenges so far?

FREE SHOWS yowwww.

15)Do you feel female artists are underrated and unappreciated as compared to their male counterparts?

And it’s a global problem.
Case study: Ladies in the creative arts are working so hard but when gigs come up the performance list doesn’t reflect that. Like we are always second-guessed which is not cool.

16)If you could change anything about the Kenyan Music Industry, what would it be?

We need frequent collaborative initiatives from artists, media players, fans, promoters, etc. Basically, people need to learn how to work together.

17)What is the most challenging aspect of music-making in your opinion?

Kueka adlibs. 😃😃😃

18)How did/has the ongoing pandemic affect your music career?


19)Has the internet impacted a lot in the music business?

Most definitely yes. Its made marketing easy.

20)What’s your favorite look?

Street Wear… I mean, naeza dress up but generally I just like being comfortable.

21)Whom do you dream of collaborating with?

Blinky Bill from Kenya, and Lil Simz from London.

22)What are your social media handles where can people find you?

Instagram: monki_254

SoundCloud: Monski

Spotify: Monski

YouTube: Monski 254


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