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PrayzzZ is an unapologetically African musician making waves across the continent. 2017 is when he made his debut in the music industry but as far as he could tell creating music has always been one of the things he’s been doing all his life while growing up. Describing himself as a genrebender, PrayzzZ doesn’t have a specific genre, and that music, in general, is what draws him in and this can be proven in his latest album Feels & Good Vibes. We caught up with PrayzzZ via mail and here’s what he had to say about himself, his musical journey, and his album;

EPM: How best would you describe yourself?

P: For some reason, that is tough (laughs).

EPM: Who inspired you to make music?

P: I love this one. My Dad takes all the credit. The first time I ever went to the studio was with him. He was recording his second album at the time. Along with everything else I mean from watching him rehearse with his band, listening to his own music, and songs from artists of different genres. Growing up, he played everything from Celine Dion, Lionel Richie, Whitney Houston, to Fela, to Mariah Carey, Lagbaja, Orlando Julius, Michael Jackson, and Jazz artists like Earl Klugh, some George Benson as well, Fourplay, I can go on. Looking back, the fact that I was introduced to such diverse sounds early on in my life, must be part of why I can experiment with and fuse different sounds and styles so well.

EPM: Is PrayzzZ your stage name or your real name?

P: PrayzzZ is my stage name.

EPM: How did you come up with that stage name?

P: I needed something that says unapologetically African without pointing to any specific part of the continent.

EPM: Did you always want to be a music artist?

P: Yes! Creating music has always been one of the things I’ve always known I’m destined to be legendary in/at.

EPM: Kindly share the part of your story you feel the public should know about?

P: I make the most amazing songs. They’re so good that the first time you hear them, you’d wonder why you never found out about me sooner.

EPM: How and when did you make your debut in the music industry?

P: First time I ever performed was with my Dad’s band. I don’t even think I was up to 10 years old. Maybe 8. I remember it was on National TV and when I got to school on Monday, everyone was going crazy. At the time, I didn’t get why it was a big deal (laughs). Looking back now, I kinda get it.

The first time I released my own song, was in 2017.

EPM: How long have you been in the music business?

P: For the music business I’d say my whole life and in different capacities. I’ve been a DJ, PR, and Marketing consultant for a major label in Africa at the time, and now a full-on musician.

EPM: How would you describe your music?

P: I’d describe my music as Art that you’ll always be able to connect to from the very first time you listen to it.

EPM: What draws you to your preferred genre?

P: I’m a Genrebender. I don’t have a specific genre. Music in general draws me in. If it’s amazing, I’m in. Irrespective of the genre. That reflects in My music. It’s a fusion of different genres.

EPM: What would you say is the most unique thing about your music?

P: I believe the listeners are in a much better position to point that out. I just go in with the mindset of making amazing music every single time. Anything outside of that, I disappear.

EPM: You released a new album last year dubbed ‘Feel & Good Vibes’ tell us how you came about it?

P: The conceptualizing and creating for ‘Feels & Good Vibes’ began in April 2020. It was initially intended to be an Extended Play (EP), but then it evolved into the album it became. I’m forever thankful for the producers, artists, my sound engineers, A&R, manager, and everyone who was instrumental in bringing the project to life.

EPM: You were able to gather 2.3 Million Streams from your album, how did you feel about that?

P: For me, it confirmed what my team, my core fans, and I already knew and believed from the get-go; that the music is different, special. And the numbers are much closer to 5 million now (laughs).

EPM: You also got to feature ICE Prince on your album, How was it for you to have to work with such an artist?

P: It was special. This is one of Africa’s greatest Legends. A lot of us grew up looking up to him, his music, how he broke boundaries early on, and his sense of style. He came through for the album and we made proper magic.

EPM: You sold your first NFT collection. How was it for you and how would you advise your fellow artist who wishes to also sell NFTs?

P: My journey into the NFT space has been amazing. I’m thankful to everyone who showed support. My advice to fellow artists. NFTs are not ‘easy money’ tings. If your fans believe enough in your NFTs to buy them, it is up to you to continue to create value and show that their belief in You, is not misplaced.

EPM: What was the most challenging aspect of your album release?

P: It was making the most out of the resources available. I’m an independent artist with no sort of label backing. Getting funding was the biggest challenge. My team and I had to think outside different boxes to be able to level the playing field and get the music in front of everyone. So far, it continues to pay off. One of the songs on the album; ‘Closer (Remix)’ was the Number One song in Nigeria (iTunes) the first week it dropped. We currently have two songs; ‘Signs’ and ‘Feelings & Alcohol’ in the Top 50 of the Top 100: South Africa Chart (Boomplay), five (5) months later.

EPM: What is your favorite music from the album?

P: Every single track on the album is my favourite. They are all my Babies. Picking just one is impossible.

EPM: What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

P: Creating and performing is what I enjoy the most about being an artist.

EPM: What is your biggest musical challenge?

P: Constantly feeling like my music could be way better.

EPM: How do you advertise your music?

P: Through the usual channels. Social media platforms, word of mouth, and amazing media outlets like Epic Pulse Magazine.

EPM: In your own opinion, how do you feel the internet has impacted the music business?

P: It has made it easier for independent artists like me to create music, release music, and interact with the fans directly. I can literally put out a song now, and almost immediately gauge the reception it’s getting thanks to the Internet.

EPM: What can we expect from you in the coming months?

P: More amazing music, more milestones, more value in the PrayzzZ brand and more things for my fans to be proud of.

EPM: If you were talking to a younger version of you, what advice would you give him?

P: You see this music stuff? Stop worrying about anything. Start. Release the music. It’ll be legendary. I promise.

EPM: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

P: It’ll be creating more funding opportunities for independent artists like me who are serious about their Art.

EPM: Lastly, your Social Media handles. Where can people reach out to you and your music?

P: prayzzzgram” on Instagram.

    “iamPrayzzZ” on Twitter.

    “PrayzzZTV” on YouTube.

    “prayzzzofficial” on TikTok.

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