Phinoshey Ikigai Ep 2022

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Phinoshey is a hip-hop rapper and producer, born in Busia and bred in Nairobi, Kenya. Opening his
musical journey as a child singing in church, he went on to chase his passion throughout high school.
It was at this stage that he wrote his first song with a mounting love for poetry that was greatly
influenced by British and American literature books. His music is influenced by 90s Hip Hop, Soul,
Funk and Jazz boasts having muses of artists and producers such as Nas, J Dilla, and Outkast just
to name a few. As Phinoshey grew in his music, and the more he became aware of the environment
he was in, the literature he became more exposed to, the more Pan African he grew in character. His
love of the continent and his roots is what fuels his music passion to date. Legends such as Juma
, Daudi Kabaka, John Nzenze, Kelly Brown & Fundi Konde have greatly had an impact on
the Kenyan and African music scene and he has become even more appreciative of it.
With this added adoration for everything African, his captivating fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul and
Lo-Fi style is very conspicuous in his releases. He seeks to give the audience a deeper understanding
of life’s physical, mental and spiritual nature, by paying attention to the current events in Kenya,
Africa. Just to demonstrate this, Phinoshey dives into contemporary matters, where he addresses
narratives such as corruption and police brutality which have been on the rise during our generation.
He also tries to focus on granting his audience a deeper understanding of his upbringing in Nairobi
and its impact on shaping his perspectives about life. He also shares his hopes and aspirations, through
a poetic narration of his life’s journeys and the people around him.

Never forgetting his Kenyan ancestries, he adds a twist of nostalgic humor and vibrancies by
rekindling old school Kenyan culture and childhood games in songs like ‘Mosmos’ and ‘Twisti.’
Phinoshey encourages positivity despite hurdles in life and the main reason why he chose this
path is to inspire and motivate people because he believes in sharing his story with the world about
what’s going on with his life and that of the people around him. Hopefully, with the aim of
connecting with kindred listeners perhaps going through similar challenges.

Phinoshey has also been quite busy in the public eye. He has performed in music events in Nairobi i.e.
Geco Cafe, Alliance Francaise with renowned heavyweights such as Octopizzo at The Alchemist Bar
during his album launch #FUEGO, an experience in which he got to show off his crowd moving skills.
Octopizzo ended up Cosigning Phinoshey on stage. Furthermore, Peng Chen who is the owner of The
Alchemist Bar & Hustle Sasa praised Phinoshey by Comparing him to the likes of Lupe Fiasco and
also his production skills on the songs he(Phinoshey) produces. Additionally, he executively
reproduced Kenyan Legend Juma Tutu’s Jazz EP which he swears is a pleasant crowd pleaser. There
have also been some wins on the online platform as well for Phinoshey. Magazine features on
Business Daily Africa, Voice of America, and Pan African Music just to mention, have done a great deal
of raising his brand awareness across continents. Nominated at The UnKut Hennessy HipHop Awards
as an Alternative Artist Of The Year 2021. He also successfully leveraged Spotify Editorial Playlists
New Music Friday Kenya, 254 Flow & Jazz UK where “Twisti’ has been featured since its release in
2020 and his numbers do not lie. Phinoshey is a force to be reckoned with in the Kenyan, African and
The global music scene. Watch out!

Track 1: I AM
This song aims to reincarnate one of the most renowned Kenyan MAU MAU freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi. Phinoshey and Tom Payne both try to recreate his story by contextualizing it to current events in the country with specific attention to their own personal experiences and their perspective of his influence and relevance today. An icon not to be easily cast aside in their opinion.

Track 2: FALL
Phinoshey here comes out very strongly about his ambitions and aspirations in his music career and personal life. The fancy car, big house, and pretty girl that he dreams of having in his future. His very determined dreams do not sit well with his critics who most often than not try
their best to dissuade him from pursuing these aims. The negative feedback and discouragement that he constantly is subject to from these people drive him even more to attain these things. As much as they want to see him fall, this is the one thing they will have to accept defeat on eventually. Phinoshey is not backing down and as uncomfortable as it makes them to hear he’s only just getting started with the noise.


Phinoshey is smitten! There’s a girl who really tickles his fancy so much that he cannot seem to focus on anything else but her. He attempts to serenade this girl with the things he is willing to do to get her to choose him as a lover. To say that he is madly taken by her is an understatement. I Will does his best to help comfort the message in this song’s soulful chorus.

What drives a man? Any man? Here Phinoshey does his best to explain his muse. God taking center stage in his life and plans, he tries to tell us just how integral God has been in providing him with the talent, skills, resources, people, and tools that have shaped his very essence and being. This moves Phinoshey so vigorously that he had to tell us just how much.

Highly inspired by 70s and 80s Kenyan Funk & soul icons The Ashanti’s and Kelly Brown, Phinoshey, An! Les & 7th Son takes us back in time to when things were simple. Good music, friends, and just positive vibes are ingredients that always make up a great hangout. After a long day, stressed at work, or even just bored, going out and having fun the old school way is always a good idea. At least, to Phinoshey.

In this song, Phinoshey & 7th Son do their best to paint a picture of how they show gratitude by giving back to society. The best way they know-how, teaching through music. They share African history, political realities, current affairs, and familial issues among other things, and give their own two cents on what they think we should pay attention to and give priority to being happy and succeeding in life.

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