Pre Social Media happiness

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It’s no doubt that social media has been of great benefit to us. Pre social media happiness was pure gold and recreating all these moments would actually take a lifetime. One thing is for sure, compared to where were pre-social media and where we are now are two different situations. Despite all these nice things that have come along with social media, a lot of sentimentality has been lost.

Living and enjoying life at the moment instead of having to struggle to take photos and videos was pure bliss. We end up focusing more on documenting the moment instead of actually enjoying the moment while it lasts. It’s no doubt that sitting down and finally viewing the pictures is actually nice, but then again, what if you lose all the pictures and videos. Documenting is nice but then, you end up missing the sentimental value of that gathering because you may be distracted trying to get the perfect shot.

Back then, everyone was having real meaningful conversations almost all the time. It’s no secret that these days the probability of having a real conversation with someone is 1 to 100. In most cases, the other party ends up using their phone. People barely give themselves a chance to bond with one another.

Children have also been dragged along by the social media virus. Back then, Children’s mental health was never compromised and they had time to play with one another and unknowingly create cherishable memories. Children actually had the space and time to create childhood memories.

The competition was more healthy in life since people didn’t have the opportunity to fake on social media like they currently do. Some people actually live a fake life and unfortunately, some people believe that it’s real and end up putting themselves under unnecessary pressure.

Pre social media happiness is an entire list. As much as bringing it all back as it used to be is almost impossible, at least we can sit back and reminisce on the good old days.

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