Renowned Kenyan Gengetone Groups Boondocks Gang & Ethic Entertainment Back With ‘Naskia Waah’

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After receiving mixed reactions on separation assumptions, renowned Kenyan Gengetone group Boondocks Gang is back with a new track ‘Naskia waah’ featuring Ethic Entertainment. The two renowned gengetone groups have been doing mixed solo projects over the recent years, where you’d find one or two of them doing collaborations with the other team, and vice versa. The last song the two joined and did as a project was Thao, released in 2019 and it was a banger.

Being well versed with both of their songs, it is evident that their works only get outstanding each time a new song is released. What would a collaboration seem like if all these artists came together? Well, the answer is quite obvious, it would be one heck of a gobsmacking magnum opus.

Naskia Waah is a gengetone song full of chilled vibes. The song is musically pleasing and tuneful. This club banger received a huge reception minutes after the audio was released for streaming. The song captures some remarkable talent infused by the two groups to not only relax minds but entertain audiences.

‘Naskia Waah’ is no exception. It has kick-ass production by Director Victor Daniel, constructed with killer rhythms and mad grooves. The song has an incredibly catchy chorus by Exray (Boondocks Gang) and I like how the artists switched their raps, not trying to dominate one another since we all know the two gangs are the flag bearers of gengetone music.

It’s a  groovy jam getting some radio rotations as well as ample streams online. Am excited to see what Boondocks Gang and Ethic Entertainment serves us. The song has Exray, Odi wa Murang’a, Maddox, Swat Matire, Zilla, and Seska. 

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