Rising Ugandan Afro Pop & Rnb Artist Kezi Leo Is Taking The Ugandan Scene By Storm

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Fast-rising Ugandan AfroPop and Rnb artist Kezi Leo is the taking the Ugandan scene by storm with a new single “Gwe Nalonda” following his EP “Afro Atarah” which was released early this year and is still receiving massive support and airplay across major radios and Tv stations.

“Gwe Nalonda” is a luganda phrase that translates to “The one I chose”. The song is a blend of slow reggae vibes and Rnb. The song explores a creative new sound by Kezi Leo, that aims at incorporating Ugandan lyricism and sounds with western instruments and genres.

“I wrote Gwe Nalonda in 2021. It was inspired by a situation I was going through. As a young adult, love and relationships have been such a rocky road to tread. Especially with little to no guidance from anyone but the internet. Gwe Nalonda was a turning point for me. It is a reminder to move on and let go of the things and people who hurt you, no matter how much love you hold for them. It is also an apology. We tend to hurt the people we love the most even when we least intend to. I wrote Gwe Nalonda as a Poem. It is a poem with a rhythm to it. I hope the world loves it. I hope Uganda loves it.”

Kezi Leo is also a member of a popular Ugandan Urban group called Zagang. The group also includes more artists such as Kavali King, Eli Litman and many more. Kezi Leo has yet to release an Ep titled Zaddy. It is an exploratory project with sounds ranging from Rnb to Modern Dance-hall Kezi Leo is yet to release his next project titled Afro Atarah. “Bam Bam”, the first release off the 4-track Ep is to be released on the 29th Of October 2021.

Stream and Download Gwe Nalonda Here

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