Self pity, a killer of progress!

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Self-pity is excessive self-absorbed unhappiness over one’s troubles. Self pity or holding a pity party just puts you in a position where you will constantly swim in your sorrows and past mistakes that can not even be changed. A pity party is when you are indulging in self pity and also expecting other people to have pity on you. Constantly feeling sorry for yourself not only slows down your progress but distracts you from actually seeing your own potential and strength. Looking at it from a spiritual angle, God himself wants his children to own up to there situations and not feel weak but feel strengthened because we are blessed with a lot of strengths that can out weigh our weaknesses and problems.

Self pity takes up a lot of energy. For instance, lets look at crying for a long period of time. After that you will have an intense headache to nurse. See! Thats double work on things that just keep you stagnant. Self pity has never solved any problem or changed anyone’s life. Leave your past problems in the past and face the challenges ahead.

Human is to era and after the era, we learn and pick ourselves up and look ahead for better opportunities. In simple terms, self-pity just keeps in one place. Lost in your thoughts and sorrows that are very burdening. Living like this will just make your days gloomy and dull. Its time to own up to the mistakes and not allow them to weight you down.

#Self appreciation#Positive thinking.

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