Sensational Kenyan R&B Singer Donado Stone Drops ‘Lies’ Visualizer.

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The sensational Kenyan R&B singer Donado Stone has been persistent in pursuing a not-so-popular genre in Kenya presently but still continues to woo his audiences and has proven once again that he is the king of RnB in Africa with the release of his new jam ‘Lies’ off his forthcoming mixtape

Lies is based on an experience most people have encountered being in a relationship that is based on a lie. In this scenario, your partner always lies to you, manipulates every situation you are in, and tries to make you the bad guy. After agreeing to be honest with each other, you find yourself in the same place you agreed you were never to be in, lies advocate for honesty, self-doubt, and pleading reassurance within a relationship.

His style and sound have a unique vibe that sets him apart from other artists and this has proven his growth and skills in his artistry.

Autum Kray’s production is well put together as the instrumentation, composition, and arrangement of this song is carefully crafted to make the perfect record.

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