She’s a Beautiful Mess

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It’s funny how she is. She enjoys solitude but then again, she craves company. A company where she’s comfortable to tell a heartbreaking experience as the latter listens. She’s mean. I know. She tries to make herself better. To be who she was before love broke her. Does love break?

Don’t give her those eyes. She has not ceased trying. She’s trying. Daily, she gets out, explores, has fun, learns, unlearns, relearns. “With time, I’ll get better,” she says.

There is a problem. She is not ready to leave solitude. It offered her solace at a time the world was a hostile place for her. She found hope, tranquillity, and all she was looking for entirely, life after heartbreak.

Is there a solution? Let her be. Be her peace. Be her company when she needs someone to listen to her heartbreaking experience. Don’t try to talk. Let her tell. Perhaps then, you’ll decipher how it’s easy to tell who she really is. She is a beautiful mess.

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