Singer Raphoclints Uses New Song To Share About Real-Life Experience Behind Bars

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For some time now, many Kenyan artistes have been releasing songs for entertainment which are influenced by made up scenarios.

However, there are a few creatives who take their time to come up with songs that help to change the society in many ways.

Such an artiste is Raphoclints, who has decided to use his own life experiences to not only entertain his fans but also change some while at it.

This writer understands Raphoclints will soon be dropping his new song which was inspired by his time behind bars.

Raphoclints was arrested a couple of months before and had to serve time behind bars for crimes he did not commit.

Despite the challenges Raphoclints went through in jail, the artiste did not turn into a bitter soul but instead, thought it wise to take over the music industry with his impressive talent.

It is because of the same spirit that he recorded Jela, which talks about his experiences in jail.

Raphoclints is scheduled to release his song Jela on Friday, March 17, and has promised his fans and Kenyans an experience like no other.

The artiste, who doubles up as a TikToker has been busy fighting in courts but has also been able juggle with studio even as he tries to make a gallant comeback.

The artiste has been enjoying massive success on TikTok where he usually collaborates with his equally famous lover.

Raphoclints has been on a mini media tour where he has been warming up his fans for the release of his banger Jela.

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