South African Sensation Espacio Dios Making Waves With New Impressive Single “Pelo”

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This year has been an incredible and record-setting year for the African music industry and everybody will agree that its music has never more been more popular around the world. Many rising music stars in the continent continue to make waves. It’s been a great year for South African sensation Espacio Dios and now he’s back with another impressive single . “Pelo,” which was premiered on 18th November 2022.

“Pelo is the story of life’s hardships and hope,” says Espacio Dios.

His vocals creep through airy pads and fat basslines drenched in reverb. The result is a genre of music that not even the artist himself is able to define.

Following the acclaimed triple release of Deliverance, The Knowing and Thlali back in December 2021, Espacio Dios fans can look forward to new music adding a fresh perspective to the sounds dominating South Africa right now.

“Espacio explores a range of themes and genres… in a manner that feels rooted in South Africa, even when he draws on elements that aren’t from here.” – Bubblegum Club

“His vocals creep through airy pads and fat basslines drenched in reverb” – Okay Africa

“It is exactly what modern day African music should sound like” – The Gold Axis

“A minimalist banger at its finest” – Texx and the City

In Pelo, our protagonist expresses his hopes for love; he wants his potential love interest to know that he is worth opening up to, being vulnerable around and that is safe to exit their shell. It is complimented with impactful Maglera Doe Boy, who expresses the same feeling in a minor toned symphony, with the influences of Setswana and SeSotho.

On the collaboration, Maglera Doe Boy says, “it feels like home, man. I also related to the subject matter, and sonically it’s just a beautiful song.”

Visuals for Pelo will premiere on the official Espacio Dios Youtube page on 2 December.

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