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A friend asked me to write an article about this. and I as your loyal servant will fulfill your wishes. It is a very sensitive topic for me too because I know we relate in almost every experience. There was a time when people started using this slogan, funny thing is, I thought people were buying cars (inserts embarrassed face) for real though what were you, people, all on.’ Nafungua simu and Kila Mtu’ has posted stay on your lane this, stay on your lane that, honestly why would you guys do that. I don’t even think I ever posted the memes about that and if I did I think I was just following the trend like the one for ‘Kwani Sisi ni wanawake’ actually I have one joke now…I stay on my lane ‘kwani mimi ni mwanamke?’ I’m just trying to be funny. The phrase just means that simply just stay in your lane.

Anyway, what are these lanes people were talking about? I will speak according to my understanding of how I saw some of us posting. A friend could have found a new group of friends who are funnier than you ‘ama wamechanuka kukuliko’ and that is where you find yourself in your lane of not being in trend with the modern world. And you cannot compete with that you know even if you try to force yourself to fit in that lane you will find yourself going back to your lane which you know how to navigate well.

That’s why you find most of us don’t want to force issues and were just drifting peacefully in our lanes. We don’t have accidents over here actually, I say this because I have encountered this situation where I thought I was on the same lane with some of my friends. We used to hang out a lot and so I assumed we were on the same ‘lane’ but I didn’t notice early that I was creating traffic in the relationship (forgive my puns). I tried so much to fit in, look the way they looked, act the way they acted, and many more but it was so tiring and it was too much for me and as soon as I realized that I just got out of their ‘laness’ and created my own. Some situations with people will have you hating yourself for nothing. Let people stay in their lanes because why not?

But my advice is don’t let people lower your value as a person just because their lanes are shiny and good it does not mean yours cannot be like that. Some lanes are just for show. You find someone ‘ameringa’ how you can never be on their lane and they are struggling to keep up. My advice is just to stick to your lane, the streets are not good or safe for that matter. You will see a lot of things when you are in your lane, you get to see people you thought you used to know true colors. Let me tell you ‘ maina vitu zingine SI a must’ Your company is always the best because you know you, you are the most real ‘G’ to yourself and you can trust yourself to make your own decisions.

Friendship is overrated sometimes. I am saying this because even your closest friend can do you dirty and they will act like it was nothing and come back expecting you to bend your back again forth “Can never be me!”_Crazy Kennar. I have been there trust me and it is not the best feeling.


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1 year ago

Great article keep going

qui wangui
qui wangui
1 year ago


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