Sucker For Love

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You hurt me so deep

And that night I couldn’t sleep

I felt this big, bitter bump

Of emotions broken bad

Cut stuck up in my throat

Aching acutely down my dainty heart

And tears weld up my eyes

Blurring my vision

I tried toughening by tightly biting my lips

But I couldn’t

And the thought that even screenshots are taken

But for me

Moved me from slow, silent sighs

To a big bitter broken burst

And at that moment I realized

My expectations

Had rained on me raw frustrations

Boy I was serious about you

But you took me for a joke

But how did I expect to be your love

Yet I was not

Your Fantasy?

Your Calvary?

Your Melody?

Let me not blame you all too hard

And paint you bad

Yet it was me who got myself into this entanglement

Relationship situationship


Believing that one day a lemon

Could taste just as sweet as a tangerine

And like a submarine

I dove

But this time I drowned

Too bad you are not there to catch

And I got no straw to clutch.

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