Tales of the lost and found

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I was still healing from a scripted affair when I met her. It was tough, T for tough that was. Gradually, my love for her grew with time, this time, I had left my script to rest. I went in blind. Unaware of what might befell me. I was ready to feel the love I once dreamt of.

Her name was Murugi. I preferred her second name to her first because well, I just loved it. A valid reason for me to love her better than I would have expected.

Our love escapade took off quite fast before I could pick her with my poor pick-up lines, we were already kissing. Was that kiss a beacon of hope for our forever after?


Turns out our love was founded on a poor foundation. Our love came down rumbling, I fell harder, wrote an anthology of poems to try and heal but it only worsened. I grew cold. She glowed.

For a year, I never healed. My heart was growing numb to healing. Who is fate? In no time, we were back to who we used to be, lovers. I love her, she loves me. We glow together. I ceased being a masochist. I found happiness.

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