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— Inspired by Pipi

A paraphrase

It’s a boring Tuesday evening, I’m from work, and the trauma of what caught my eyes scared the hell out of me. I’m tempted to quit the medical field. I’m faint-hearted. Fortunately, I bump into Pipi’s class and at last, I get to smile once again. Below are insights into Pipi’s class. Walk with me. If you get lost, pause.

With the numerous abilities and endless opportunities. Do you know what’s your strong point? Take a look at designs going around be it in technology, architecture, medicine, and science et al. Things are changing. What are you doing to accommodate yourself in this world of ours?

Human anatomy is an intricate design. It comes in myriads’ forms. The obese to the malnourished. The flexible to the stiff like Pipi. Damn! At least I’m flexible. I mean, I’m an athlete. Sadly, I’m skinny. Those with higher IQ like Steve Jobs and those with less like someone I know of. Not you though.

There is a phase in life where we rediscover ourselves. This is where we try out various things, sports, music, and activities that suit our intricate anatomy. This is more of a talent search phase. Schools we all know overlook this phase. They major in sexual education. Of which they don’t equip students with the right knowledge on matters of sexual development and safe sex. But that is not Pipi’s fight today.

Moving on, in life, we have the fortunate and the less fortunate. The fortunate always have their way while the less fortunate keep relying on goodwill and borrowing at a mark up to develop.

Sometimes what you’re good at is not your passion. Research has it that individuals who live up to their careers since childhood or so enjoy and are more productive than those in forced ventures.

When you are growing up, you learn yourself and that’s how preference comes about. We all have a unique taste in music, lifestyle, drug use, religion, sports, movies, dance, and many other diverse activities, right?

Growing up, Pipi was book smart. One time, he missed classes for half a year. Regardless he emerged in top three when results were announced. His strong point was understanding the teacher. Do you understand your lecturer, teacher, parent, or lover?

Pipi was trying to describe how he understood himself. Can you describe yourself? Start by knowing what you love doing and where your real strengths lie. Are you lost? Pause.

Pipi’s passion however, lay in entertainment. He is easy around large crowds. His weakness has always been individuals.

It’s known book smarts have always been considered introverts but Pipi was the rowdy type. Always on the noisemakers list even though he was a class representative. Then one day, someone handed Pipi the mic. The rest is history.

Pipi has a love for most genres of music so long as it’s good music. He knows of people with a single taste. His Gs listen to trap while his ex loves Reggae music asf. The music you listen to also describes your personality. That is why when we meet new people, among other things, music is among our first asks. What’s your music taste?

Talking of peer pressure. How does it work? Very simple. Craving to be someone else in a group of people who call themselves friends. There is always a unifying factor but different personalities and that, different personalities make friends. Now, this is Pipi’s fight.

In our day-to-day lives, we set standards. We want to be better than the person we were yesterday. We take up lifestyles that sometimes can be very detrimental to our very own existence.

In a group of friends, there are different personalities as aforementioned. There’s the cool guy. They have the vibe of, I’m chilled but I rave. Most times, they are the laid-back type.

Then there’s the loud guy, they always make the conversation, always amplifying the basic thought of the others. They are adored because they speak what others can’t articulate.

The party animal. Owl to be specific. They are always the producers of form. They’re always out to have a good time. Any excuse to put their people out there. Broken up? Party, new bae? Party, job interview? Office boyfriend hug? Party after party. The rest enjoy the form. Always get cut out first when it’s marriage.

The silent pacifist. As the name suggests, they’re the type to never say anything. Just easy going with the vibe. They don’t speak unless spoken to. The rest wonder why they can’t talk but the silent company still is harmless

There’s the druggie. He always is on liquor or mawana. The buddies know this but they are a vibe. They live in their own world. Delusional maybe.

Then the Rambo. They protect the group. In war, be sure they’re on the frontline. The rest love them because of security.

Now the ladies’ man. This guy gets laid by almost anyone. One would think it’s Tom, Dick, and Harry, one person because the guy sleeps with everyone. The rest wonder why he always gets the easy lays as they simp. They hang around them to at least catch a few tips. Here, Pipi reminded me of my friend Bonge. That doesn’t mean I don’t get laid. Huh!

The essence of this thread in itself is check. Your personality, check it and understand it. This helps you know your place in things. In return, you learn to manipulate your place to your advantage. I hope you’re not lost again.

The pretty face. They always hold the camera. They always get the catcalls, the dudes shoot their shot there first then fall back on the friends. The ladies always ask the other buddies about the pretty boy in the crew. They are like the brand ambassadors of the crew. Chic/dude magnet. They keep the crew noticed.

This is not a fraction of Pipi’s crews. Some of these traits lack in his crews because of streamlining over time. Albeit, he is sure that some are dominant in his relation with his friends.

Using drugs as an example. Alcohol being the most used. Rewind selector up until your first sip. Blessed people who haven’t tasted liquor like me, here just watch and relate.
Everyone of us has been influenced in one way or the other into doing things. This mostly has been influenced by friends or loved ones. That’s what’s called peer pressure. I was almost disagreeing with Pipi’s example but I remembered, to date I drink because my friends call me. We move.

When your buddy starts drinking, curiosity kicks in and one day, you feel tempted to feel like them. Most times, they never mention hangovers, the curiosity is slowly fed, bit by bit until one day you cave in and take a sip. Addiction is forever. Most people end their runs at the doctor’s office. That is for another day.

When you look keenly at what is lazily termed as peer pressure is one individual taking advantage of their position in the circle. Mostly there’s the demon that will tempt you into doing this. If you don’t catch them at the gate, they end up messing it all.

Peer pressure can be from an individual or a group. The window of influence can vary as well depending on your will. Some influence you on the first time while others take up to years. They carry the sway in decision-making. They’re the ones people who change mostly your perspective on things or ruin it.

Understand your strengths so they can help you deal with your weaknesses. Know the extent of your temper so you avoid triggers that anger you. The only way to survive this is to be strong-willed. To be strong you need to be principled. That is you understand your position in life. Which means you understand yourself. Don’t we have different tastes in food, drink, and people?

Understanding your financial will empower you to avoid overshooting your expenses. Understanding your personality to avoid peer pressure. Be who you’re not who your friend what’s you to be. It all narrows down to understanding. If you can’t understand. Dig! In a nutshell. Be honest to yourself.

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