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Tamera cakes
Tamera cakes

Simply a taste of heaven. This is a properly fitting slogan for baker who offers heaven. Her cakes are beyond a taste of heaven. They are heaven. They are orgasms in your mouth, the good kind. They are everything perfect in this universe. They are sunrise and sunset in your mouth. They are sweetness erupting and dreams fulfilled.

Ever wanted to order a perfect piece of heaven. Tamera’s cakes has got your back. Wedding , birthday, anniversary cakes and cakes just for cakes sake because we all love baked goodies. Tamera has you covered.

Tamera, a talented cook who was in her fourth year at Kenyatta University is the titan behind this great business. She is a realtor by profession and a damn good one I admit. Her passion for cooking and baking are unparalleled. Though petite, I call her a titan because her talent is beyond colossal. Her skills will give you the impression that she has being baking all her life (which I believe is true).

She has been labeled one of the bakers to watch by several cooking blogs and has been making a resounding name for herself at The Cake Festival. It’s a pity COVID 19 ruined the 2020 outing, I am sure her products would leave a mark on your heart.  

As a bakers, her greatest strength is seen in the passion she dedicates to her work. they say do what you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Tamera truly embodies this. The reals and videos she puts up for her work only make her baking all the more sweeter. it doesn’t hurt that she is such a joy to be around and her baking reflects the same energy.

Her decorative skills also portray her prowess. whether she is baking for the young, toon crazy kids, a colleague or a couple at the altar, her work is impressive by any standard. i should also add that I am yet to meet a disgruntled customer who engaged her services. Her instagram reels are also good enough to be tutorials on their own. I think I might learn a little baking from her.

Her work is so good that even foreign Tiktokers play her videos. the fact that one tried to plagiarize her work is testament to how effective a baker she is. I should also note that she has been nominated for several awards one among them being the best wedding baker ke.

Feel free to reach out and make orders to help her business grow.

Tamera’s cakes are located along Thika Road. She is also on instagram @Tameracakes and Tameras fun kitchen on Youtube. She does give recipes and tutorials on creative ways to make food more appetizing. 

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