Tears & Purple Emotions by Kxffy

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Kxffy, the young 21-year-old music producer based in Nairobi, Kenya has just released his long-awaited album Tears & Purple Emotions.

As with all of Kxffy’s music, he produces heavily melodic songs featuring trap drums, occasionally switching it up with rock, lo-fi, or afro music. His melodies stir emotion from the listener and transport them through dimensions of intended feelings. With this authentic sonic palette, he draws you into his world full of color and movement.

Tears & Purple Emotions features some of the amazing artists i.e. Njeri, Trevor Koin, Prxnce, Muthoka, Albeezy, KIG$, and some of whom I’ve not mentioned here. 

Kxffy gradually continues to expand his visibility to his listeners through features of his production work on the Kenyan online platform. This can also be proven with his latest album which it’s a mix of different genres in music including R&B, EMO Rap, Trap, etc.

Kxffy is not new to the music industry, matter of fact is that his popularity in the music industry actually has grown through his consistent production work visible in his Instagram video posts and music reels. This gradual progress has led him to be co-signed by re-known Kenyan artists Jerome KE and Benny Ali.

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