The leaning towers of Kinoo, is this the new recurring hazard for the growing town?

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I’m an engineer by trade, if by trade it means what you went to college to study, my parents don’t let me forget that detail even if I wanted to. At this point, I’m unsure it’s something to be proud of in my current hometown, Kinoo, recent leaning towers considered.

In my morning walks from kinoo to regen, the nearby town, I noticed a group of people crowded in one area, near the Crestwood apartment, a posh new building on the other side of town. This is where as a true Kenyan you first put your belongings in order and safe before you even inquire about what could be going on.

As I neared the crowd, I saw several police cars, and true to my brand I steer clear of the authorities at all costs and figured I’d get the story soon enough from all the people I know from the area, but the shadow to my left wasn’t sitting right.

From the corner of my eye, the shadow was slanted, that’s when I turned to see a building leaning leisurely on another building as if seeking just a little bit of support on a harsh day.

As it turns out, leisure wasn’t a pleasure that the tenants of the Crestwood apartments in Muthiga could afford since they were mostly moving their belongings out of their buildings in a hurry following the shock of having the adjacent building fall into their building in the middle of the night.

That harsh day began with a harsh and horrible night for the people of Crestwood executive apartments situated at Muthiga near Regen in Kinoo ward as an empty building undergoing construction toppled over and fell on it, causing the apartment complex to crack on the side and crash into some balconies of the topmost floors leaning dangerously on it and putting many of the tenants of the building at risk. police came and tenants were being hurriedly evacuated and no casualties were reported.

leaning towers of kinoo, yet another hazard for the town.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise as it is not the first building to be faulty enough to fall over and residents are demanding for someone to take accountability for the increase in faulty buildings that are keeping the residents of the town in constant discomfort and distrust of new buildings.

This is not the first incident and several new buildings in the area have been known to be faulty or not meeting the necessary credentials required by the national construction authority. Which begs the question, who us to take responsibility for this? is it the authorities who shouldn’t be allowing faulty buildings to continue, or is it the owners, who are offering bribes and using backdoor requirements to finish their buildings quickly and join the other tenants in making money off of a rapidly growing town?

the last well know leaning tower of kinoo that crumbled was located near kinoo shopping center was successfully demolished and no one was hurt in both buildings. notices in front of buildings set there by the building authorities (NCA) have been seen on the gates and walls of some buildings in kinoo that still continue with construction in the area which makes you wonder are they still willing to risk the lives of so many people, themselves included?

As a growing town, in both buildings and infrastructure, kinoo as a town is facing a lot of building, of roads, buildings and demolitions of older houses to make ways for new roads and newer buildings, the department of government in charge of inspecting all the construction going on in a town like kinoo should be vigilant and careful to avoid more incidents like these from happening and becoming a norm in the town.

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