The mirror warned me, seeing myself in an open light.

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0300 hours Thursday
I looked at the mirror, you’d love me in this moment.The mirror called me beautiful, she saw me, and she mirrored me. The mirror talked to me, made me believe in fairytales, the mirror showed me a crown on my head and a lion in my heart. the mirror warned me. you’d have loved me if you met me right now.

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0245 hours Monday.
at the mirror again, she whispering intrusively into my thoughts, shattering the walls of glass I had around my nighttime thoughts the mirror called me broken, made me believe in villains, the mirror showed me a crown broken in half and a stain on my heart the mirror warned me. you’d loath me if you met me right now.

0102 hours Sunday.
the mirror shouts loudly with joy. I can’t concentrate on the paper I’m reading the mirror called me smart, the mirror called me builder, the mirror showed me cracked walls rebuilt, the mirror showed me a crown being repaired and a stitch repairing my heart, the mirror warned me, made me believe in support and rebuilding. You’d be happy for me if you met me right now.

0400 hours Wednesday. the mirror went silent. The first crow of the cock in the early morning. i sat at the edge of my room and covered the mirror with black clothing. the mirror called me nothing, made me believe in the brokenness of humanity, the mirror showed me nothing, the mirror warned me. youd be lost if you met me right now.

0000 hours thursday as i sat on the stool in front of the mirror. the mirror spoke gently and firmly at me, the mirror called me worthy, once again she mirrored me, like many times before, only showing me who I was, whether I wanted to see it or not , whether I looked or not. the mirror called me brave and strong and showed me a glow of hope in my mending heart. the mirror warned me that it was me. The mirror showed me myself . Every time. You’d be proud if you met me right now.

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