The Tinder Swindler Review

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It’s currently the top trending movie on Netflix. I referred to it as a movie since that’s what I thought it was before I finally watched it and realized that is actually a real-life story that was documented. It is basically a documentary. The director of the documentary is known as Felicity Morris who is also part of the cast. The other cast members are Ayleen and Pernilla Sjoholm.

From the title, Tinder is a famous dating app where strangers from different parts of the country meet and hope to form a romantic partnership. According to oxford languages, a swindler is a person who uses deception to deprive someone of money or possessions.

The main purpose of the making of this documentary was to expose the tinder swindler who is famously known as Simon Leviev. After a serious investigation of his life, his real name being Simon Hayut was discovered. He is a man from Israel. Simon swindles ladies from tinder and hence the Title The Tinder Swindler.

It all started as a fairytale for all these three ladies for almost a month. Simon claimed to be the son of the owner of the LLD diamond company. It was so easy to believe this big lie because, from his social media pictures, he was actually living a luxurious life. These ladies all felt like they had scored a jackpot. Little did they know that tables would soon turn. Simon managed to swindle money from these ladies by coming up with well-calculated lies that seemed so true. He would text all these three different ladies similar text messages with each of them feeling so special.

Simon gave all these three ladies the same story of having enemies who were after him and were watching his every move to every bank transaction he made and that his life was in danger. For his security, he could not use his own money so he would ask for money from these ladies at different intervals for his spending. Simon always claimed to be busy traveling around the world making business deals yet all this was just an excuse to see his other victim.

The documentary is quite lengthy and interesting and I would not want to be a spoiler. Go buy your snacks and enjoy this Netflix documentary to be fully entertained. So much more goes on here and the police and journalists even get involved. One thing is for sure that it was a lesson to many and also an eye-opener.

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