This was meant for her

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It was almost midnight, I was seated at the entrance of my single room staring at the full moon glowing. Memories we shared started creeping in and like fire, they consumed me. I was reminded of my love for you, I cried. You didn’t love me. You didn’t cherish the times we spent together.

As time went by, I shifted my focus to stars. I tried rewriting them from East hoping that I’d find you somewhere in between North and South. Sadly, a thick cloud covered the sky before I could rewrite ‘Y’ and I was left wondering why, is this a sign?

It began to rain, I entered my single room and went straight to bed. And I recalled. It was on a Saturday evening, the sun rays were getting faint by the horizon, you were sitting on my laps, we were holding hands, you were whispering some makeshift stories to my ears, I listened, then I asked, who is he? You murmured. I asked again. Who is he? You went silent. That’s when the rain started beating us, do you remember?

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