To love a stranger

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Gave so much love to strangers so much love outside
Didn’t know how to do be gentle to themselves
All they’d seen all their lives was the harshness and expectations from family and that’s all they knew for themselves.

but good hearts have a way of always spilling out, don’t they love?
Isn’t that why you could love others so beautifully and never yourself?
Because you thought you didn’t deserve it and others did?
What happened when you broke?
What happened when you got lost?
Who did you meet?

They met themselves.
You met you.
A complete stranger.
And you asked her what she wanted.
And you spoke in her love language
And you gave her love as a stranger

And you picked her up
And you cried with her on the floor
And you held her in your arms when she relapsed
And you whispered gently in her ears
About how she deserved no less than what she gave
And you loved her in her tongue, in her language, in her understanding
Relentlessly, consistently until this was a stranger no more

The love started to flow inside and out
And the cup was filled to the brim because you loved a stranger
Because you loved yourself as a stranger
Because it was all you knew
It was how you grew
And maybe being a stranger to yourself would help you heal your wounds
because you can be a stranger too…
and get to love you, in your own eyes, with your own language, until it flows back inward.

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