Tom Close Drops Highly Anticipated Debut International Album ‘Essence’

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Celebrated Rwandan musician, comic book author, and physician Tom Close has just released his much-awaited debut international album, “ESSENCE”. This album is a culmination of 13 songs written and performed by Tom Close himself and several other African artists who collaborated with him on this album. Tom Close celebrates the announcement with the lead single off the record, “A Voice Note” today featuring Bulldog..

The ESSENCE album stands out with the remarkable contribution of exceptional African artists like Wezi from Zambia, Apass from Uganda, Sat-B from Burundi, Riderman, Nel Ngabo, Bull Dog, B-Trey from Rwanda, who have added a blend of African and Black American music styles to the album. The sound of the album is a compelling hybrid of culture and sound, blending African and Black American music styles to create an Afro-beats genre, sure to delight audiences worldwide.

The Afro-beats genre is the hallmark of all 13 songs on the ESSENCE album. The songs are dedicated to African music greats, especially Fela Kuti, who inspired the creation of the genre together with his band Africa 70.

Tom Close extends his appreciation to all the producers, musicians, and DJs who contributed to the production of the ESSENCE album. Producer Knox led the production of the music on the album, while Bob Pro led the mixing, mastering, and finalization of the songs. Producer Clement provided direction, Producer Kenny, and musicians like Davide the Saxophonist, Jules, Arsene, and Joachim the guitarists contributed significantly to the sound of the album. DJ Bissosso and Zizou also contributed creative ideas that improved some of the songs on the album.

Tom Close’s “Essence” album promises to be a significant milestone in the African music industry, and he hopes it will fly the essence of Rwanda’s music to the world. With the help of distributors and promoters from all over the world, he hopes to share his music with a global audience. Tom Close’s extensive experience in the industry, including featuring with world-renowned stars like Sean Kingston, Eddy Kenzo, Weasel and Radio, Professor Jay, Big Farious, The Ben, Knowless Butera, and Riderman, has set him up for success. He has toured extensively in Rwanda, several countries in Africa, and the United States.

Tom Close began his career in music in 2005, and he has come a long way since then. He recorded his first single as a solo artist, “Mbwira,” in November 2007, which was followed by the release of his debut album, “Kuki,” in May 2008. He has recorded seven more albums between 2008 and 2020, entitled Sibeza, Ntibanyurwa, Komeza Utsinde, Ndakubona, Isi, Igikomere, and So Fine, and now his ninth studio album, ESSENCE.

In conclusion, Tom Close’s “Essence” album promises to be a game-changer in the African music industry, and his collaboration with other African artists is commendable. The album is a tribute to African music greats and a testament to the immense talent in the African music industry. With the support of distributors and promoters worldwide, Tom Close’s music will undoubtedly reach a global audience and establish him as one of Africa’s foremost musicians

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