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Is being toxic worth it?

The voices in my head always tell me that there was something wrong, but, how else would i know if its true or not?”

Energy that i had two years ago is quickly diminishing, and compared to now, i cant even lift a single thing.I can’t write like i used to, i cant even put words down like i needed to,not everyone will be expecting anything but whoever cursed me with unhappy life, there you are, you nailed it!I hate it.I really hate that i have to do this, but what else can i do?All i ever wanted was the best for you, but what dis you see? pressure? nagging? haven’t you been loved before? or was it all an illusion?

When i wake up one day, and say that I can’t do this anymore, please understand that i tried my best to give you the love that i could, i cannot be perfect but i tryI hope that you felt my love even when i was miles away, i hope that i made you happy and i hope that one day, you will succeed and never regret having pushed me away and let go..because if you wanted to, you would have opened your eyes earlier and pushed selfishness away, by not letting your blindness rule your judgement.I hope you get the life you have always wanted, and i am letting you free. Do not feel like i am holding you back, its okay, you can go. All i ever wanted was to see you succeed.”

This is what my heart has been saying for the last one week or so.Why are people so blind to negativity these days?Why do you let negativity, have its way in your lives, ruining other people’s auras because its what other people are doing? For what, fame? Or are you proud to be someone’s source of anxiety, depression, and the inability to love?

Being toxic is not an achievement, being toxic, is a weakness, its being a coward, and it just shows how you don’t want to see people progress from you. Hate me, sue me, i said what i said.Sincerely speaking, stop. Negativity will not help you get anywhere, it will only pull you back. You will loose everything trying to look cool for clout or whatever people are saying out there, and what you don’t know is that you will end up loosing everything that could make you progress, that even includes your job.

So dear people, stop being toxic when you don’t have to be, its not worth it, trust me.

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