Ugandan-American International Award-Winning Duo Nsimbi Introduce “The Nsimbi Podcast”

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Miriam Tamar and GNL Zamba together are Nsimbi. Being in a cross-cultural, interracial, interfaith relationship and business partnership brings up so many interesting conversations that Nsimbi was inspired to start a podcast to share with the public. “The Nsimbi Podcast” openly tackles issues that are often taboo or uncomfortable to increase public dialogue on issues around culture, race, and identity. Nsimbi are international advocates for cross-culturalism that unifies without uniformity.

Nsimbi is a Ugandan – American international award-winning artist duo formed by Ugandan hip-hop pioneer GNL Zamba and American world fusion artist Miriam Tamar. Their dynamic style embraces the beauty of dialogue and human connection through music and bridges cultures. The couple’s cross-cultural relationship has uniquely highlighted how they see issues and topics from different points of view as a Ugandan man who has lived in the US and a Jewish American woman who has lived in Uganda. “The Nsimbi Podcast” is a space to discuss freely and explore how our different identities and upbringings allow for a multitude of experiences which should be respected and appreciated for adding more diversity to the world. 

Episode 1 of “Nsimbi Podcast” out 11th May 2022

Subscribe to Nsimbi on Youtube here.

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