A virgin space baron meets the sky today: The making of Astronaut Branson.

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As the words Virgin Galactic and Richard Branson filled our screens in the evening of today, our little kitchen seemed even more little and very irrelevant when my dad called me to the living room to watch a live broadcast from CNN about the billionaire, author, and founder of Virgin companies Richard Branson scaling the heights of space. My rice didn’t burn, thankfully so, because billionaire space baron Branson wouldn’t have cooked me a fresh meal. I watched as Virgin Galactic make Branson an astronaut, as many people did around the world, in awe and wonder as we do all new things and experiences.

This was a big moment, a long awaited moment, a gratifying moment, yet a very competitive one nonetheless as the billionaires of the world scramble to all be astronauts as the technology advances. Virgin Galactic emerged victorious and the pun is felt worldwide. This is honestly a big feat to accomplish for Mr Branson seeing as Bezos was expected to make the trip to space first also seeing as the virgin companies had faced a hit from the covid 19 pandemic whereas Amazon thrived with the pandemic.

As I sat and watched this great ascend, topped only by Armstrong’s ascend to the moon, the conversation between Neil Degrassi Tyson and other scientists began as some asked the question, why invest millions in space when earth’s problems haven’t been fixed yet and that hit home with me as a third world resident to whom the very idea of being an astronaut was not on rarely heard of, but barely ever pursued.https://edition.cnn.com/2021/07/11/tech/richard-branson-virgin-galactic-space-flight-scn/index.html

An answer was given by one of them that we sounded like cavemen who didn’t want to explore anything outside the cave and as long as you can explore the outside you should. Very well said and that’s why this ascension means so much to the people, because now more common people not just astroscientists can go to space and experience the different frontier.

This will make space talk, and the possibility of space visits, a staple conversation in homes in the near future as it makes its way into vacation destinations and common explorative trips for the common citizen and that’s what most of these billionaires are out to do with their recent space endeavors with Elon Musk being a pioneer of the idea that Mars can be livable by humans and working constantly to prove this.

 So, as short as this was with all the excitement of the launching of eccentric entreprenuer and businessman Richard Branson and his team to the edge of space and landing of astronaut Richard Branson, with the new conversations to be had in homes, how soon until the possibility of reaching space reaches continents like africa.

And whats next for Branson? Achieving a feat as big as reaching the edge of space can go untopped by any other event in ones life. So we watch what the businessman will be upto next as we follow the world or billionaires in space as Jeff Bezos is scheduled to go to space on the twentieth of the month.

As I eat my rice and stew I wonder, does food even look the same for Branson now? Has anything changed for him in how he views life? How he views the earth? Before today he was a space virgin and I wonder how much more different is life when you’ve seen space?

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Rhetorical questions for me

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