Wasafiri Chronicles

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Time flies, how long seems like yesterday. For awhile my heart has tried to mumble and tell you what it feels, but, I can’t find some of its shattered pieces.

At Bonge’s house, we’re sitting listening to some good music, old school music. You know, there is a thing with old school music, it ignites your soul on fire and like a hot air balloon slowly takes you to the other world. The music goes on playing for some minutes then I interrupt, “do you think this girl loves me?”

There’s a thing about friends. They laugh at you when you become vulnerable. Bonge is no different. Repeatedly, I tell him about my love problems. You see, since we joined campus, I have been unlucky, always finding girls who choose to leave earlier than expected. The good thing is after him laughing, he’ll tell me what to do. Funny enough, I’ve never done what he tells me to do. I’m stubborn, yes.

“This is campus. Hakuna mapenzi, we chapa vitu na uende zako bro,” says Bonge, my counselor. For a second, my heart stops. Absurd! I could’ve been dead by now I know. But it did stop, perhaps I’m a superhuman, right? Or else how did I survive to tell you this story? Haha! The next second I ask myself questions, is he right? What if I do what he tells me to do? Will I find love?

As I’m still lost in wonderland, he picks up his jacket and helmet. “Let’s go for a ride.”

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